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Appointment of Vice President by UPND shows the Party is Copying PF-Kafwaya

Feature Politics Appointment of Vice President by UPND shows the Party is Copying PF-Kafwaya

Transport and Communications Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya has said that the appointment of Ms. Mutale Nalumango as the new UPND Vice President is a clear indication that the opposition admires President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s leadership.

Speaking when he featured on a Pan African Radio program today, Hon. Kafwaya said the UPND appointing a female Vice President shows that the opposition have a great admiration for His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungus Leadership.

He said that President Lungu will go down in the country’s history as the first President who had a female Vice President in the country.

“Maybe it will be overstating to commend a party that is copying from an existing party,” Hon. Kafwaya said.

Hon. Kafwaya said it was good to see that the opposition are learning from the PF and further urged them to continue learning and allow President Lungu to teach them.
And Hon. Kafwaya who is also Lunte Member of Parliament said he was happy that the technology which the PF government are providing has the capacity to facilitate for important undertakings such as the holding of online conventions which the UPND benefited from.

“I am happy that as PF, we have provided a platform for the UPND to have online elections, ” he said.

And Hon Kafwaya Said that the PF government has provided an enabling environment for Zambians to thrive in their human endeavors.

The Lunte Member of Parliament said the expansion of roads in almost all parts of the country which have minimized the number of hours people spend on the road.
Hon. Kafwaya also said the construction of schools, health facilities and installation of Communication towers among other developmental projects that the PF government has implemented.

Hon. Kafwaya said he was happy that ZICTA decided to pick a Zambian company Beeline Telecommunications Limited as a fourth phone mobile service provider.
He said it is government’s policy to promote locals to own businesses in the country.
The Minister said that it is unfortunate that some politicians do not want Zambians to own and run companies in the country.
“This is what we are seeing in MOPANI even though they are some politicians who feel all the things owned by Zambians should be sold including Aircrafts,” he said.
Hon. Kafwaya has since challenged Zambians to perform saying the chance that has been given to Beeline Telecommunications Limited be proved and bring to an end the continued narrative that Zambians cannot do certain services.


  1. So what if a lady VP is appointed? appointing a lady VP is not a PF patented Brand – these are just politics ba Mutotwe Kafwaya. Start updating your CVs.

    Every day talking about UPND – Have you your conference and elect party leader. ECL party leadership mandate expired a long time, you are not talking about ?
    Joe Biden and the Democrats copied the PF party ? The heat is on ka….Kwapya kuno, mushi wakaya August 2021.

  2. The situation in the country dictated that HH does not appoint his fellow tribesmen for Vice President. Also they are trying very had to paint the party as national and trying to lose the regional tag that has lost them elections 5 times. UPND will not have held a convention if it was not a constitutional requirement now. Once a dictator always a dic, once a privatization thief… once a tribalist always a tribalist. After the convention they are still upholding only a Tonga slogan.

  3. Kafwaya should just tell the Nation when they will convene a PF Convention and who is going to be nominated as PF President and PF Presidential Candidate? With Madam Inonge Wina retiring from Politics Kafwaya should tells us who is going replace her as PF VEEP and Running Mate. Since the Republican Constitution forbids ECL from seeking a Third Term who will be elected PF President at the belated Convention? ECL is relying on ECZ and Concourt to grant him an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term. Let’s wait and see how ECZ and Concourt will play their illegal and unconstitutional shenanigans.

  4. But those PF are !dyots, how on earth are they going to take down the best Nalumango? Every Zambian should be celebrating her appointment, like we appreciate Ba Inonge.

  5. upnd should pick msokotwani as a running mate not nalumango or teddy kasonso ,
    HH kindly take time and dont feel shy to pick the best person even if it means a tonga or luvaleor lozi
    dont make a mistake to pick kambwili this is free advice

  6. If that’s the case then PF should consider Dr. Jonas Chanda as running mate for whoever or even adopting him as presidential candidate. The man is the most hard working person i know in PF (besides Anthony Mumba – Kantanshi MP) and i would definitely vote PF if these changes where done. Right now i have no idea who to vote for. Thanks

  7. UPND recently successfully held a Virtual Convention. Kafwaya should tell his Party PF to emulate UPND. HH was elected President of UPND at the Convention and has been Nominated Presidential Candidate for UPND Alliance for the 2021 Elections. Well Kafwaya should tell his Party PF to emulate UPND Alliance. UPND has shown the way and PF should follow the way.

  8. Oh! so Mutale Nalumango is a lady? Any way if that is the case Kafwsya is right PF is a leader and has followers such as UPND.

  9. Zambia has a lot of *****s. Kafwaya kafwaye…..
    kci, go learn English. ” they are trying very had”, “UPND will not have held a convention”. Do these make sense? No wonder you see issues from only one perspective.

  10. As a voter looking forward to this years elections, this announcement has done little to bring any excitement to me. This smacks of another one of HH’s electoral cock-ups. He’s need to please Bemba’s is leading to these constant miscalculations. I’ve been around Bemba’s enough to know that they will not vote for u enmass just because u carry the name mutale. That stuff doesn’t move them, I know that for a fact. After years and years of being in politics, mutale nalumango is still a political light weight. Zero constituency. Zero sense.

  11. The whole excersise of restoring sanity in the Government will be lost if you refill many bembas in UPND government
    The beaulty of change will be lost if HH refills his UPND with bembas these are people who frustrated the smooth economic running by voting for SATA against MMD.
    HERE we are suffering with unstable un predictable currency, thugs all over
    HH please distance bembas from the corridors of power let them be far from the running of power
    pick Hon msokotwane or Hon teddy kansonso as running mate

  12. If American can copy from PF, what more UPND. PF had black president (Sata) with a white Vice President (Scott) They also had Obama President with Vice President Biden. Lungu president vice president Inonge. They also have Biden president and Kamala as vice president

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