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Levy Covid-19 Centre is overwhelmed and overstretched-Dr Tembo


Senior Medical Superintendent at the Levy Mwanawasa University Teaching Hospital Dr. Penias Tembo says the Covid-19 Isolation Centre at the hospital is currently overstretched and overwhelmed.

Dr Tembo said government and the hospitals management is not coping with the demand for service from Covid-19 patients as cases keep swelling.

He has since appealed to faith based organizations and the corporate world to step in and help the facility manage Covid cases.

Dr Tembo was speaking on Tuesday when the Lions Club of Woodlands in partnership with Zamtel, ZSIC Life and the Guardian Insurance Group launched a feeding programme for front line workers at the Covid-19 Centre.

Dr Tembo admitted that it is not a secret that Levy Mwanawasa Covid Isolation Centre is facing a number of operational challenges because the facility is overwhelmed.

The Levy Mwanawasa Isolation Centre is the biggest in Zambia and currently has 171 workers who will receive all essential meals through the feeding programme.

Through the Initiative, Zamtel other partners such as ZSIC Life and the Guardian Insurance Group will pay an identified catering firm that will prepare and deliver the meals to the medical facility.

At the same event, Lions Club of Woodlands President Kabwe Kandeke said the initiative is meant to appreciate the efforts by front line health workers who are taking care of Covid-19 patients.

Mr Kandeke has since thanked Zamtel and the other partners for responding to the needs of the front line workers.

And Zamtel since donated K20,000 to the initiative and also set up a Merchant Code 69650 through which Zamtel Kwacha subscribers can send financial contributions to fund feeding programme.

Speaking at the handover of the cheque, Zamtel Senior Manager for Mobile Money Mulenga Masinja said the feeding initiative is meant to appreciate the hard work that health workers are putting in to combat Covid-19.

“As an indigenous Zambian brand, we are making this donation because we believe it will go a long way in meeting the nutritional requirements of our hard working frontline health workers as they provide the much needed care and support for patients afflicted by Covid-19. The funds provided by Zamtel and other partners will also help motivate our workers who are at the front line of this battle against Covid,” Mr Masinja said.


  1. No masking up by some one in the photo-setting a bad example-
    By the way, are the workers not paid by their employer, well enough to buy food of their own?
    Should that money be donated toward the buying of PPE for workers?

  2. I have given you the right to punch and kick anyone you see not wearing mask. As for upnd diasporans just shut your mouth because there in Europe people are dying like chickens. How can UK lose over 150000

  3. Why both with a mask if you won’t wear it properly?
    Also, feeding program? LOL.
    Surely, we could have used that money for something else.

  4. There is too much funding from
    Donor countries but we don’t know where it’s going?let’s be accountable to these donations.
    Let’s hope it’s not going towards
    Building block of flats for those
    Managing these funds.

  5. Not to take anything away from the Frontline staff but I’m sure they can manage to feed themselves as they have been doing all along. Also if the caterer you hire doesn’t cook to individual preferences then others will still continue to feed themselves. This money would be better used for critical supplies such as oxygen which hospitals are failing to purchase, PPE kits for the same Frontline staff , medicines, covid test kits and other equipment which will help the Frontline staff manage the patients effectively.

  6. Iwe KZ don’t be incompetent. At least UK was successful in making the vaccine. So far 15 million people have been vaccinated

    Unlike Zambia you will be begging for vaccine. I urge your scientists to produce and manufacture your COVID vaccine.

    It’s okay for your foolish president criss crossing the country campaigning without any conscience of social distancing.

    The writing is very clear PF are out. Very soon you will be begging for mercy.

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