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Government releases K 25 Million church relief package

General News Government releases K 25 Million church relief package

The Government has released 25 Million out of the 50 Million Kwacha set aside to empower churches, religious and faith based organisations as a relief package amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Godfridah Sumaili said the government is aware of the challenges that churches and Religious organisations are facing due to the outbreak of the pandemic, hence the need to establish an empowerment scheme that will keep them running.

Reverend Sumaili disclosed this during the launch of the Church, Religious and Faith Based Organisations empowerment scheme in Lusaka today.

“The funds will support already existing charity programmes which have severely been affected among other empowerment schemes,” she clarified.

The Minister added that the scheme will be strictly monitored to ensure more churches, religious and faith based organisations also benefit from this relief package.

“The government decided to support the empowerment scheme, because the church and other faith based organisations have been supplementing the government’s efforts in social and economic activities,” Reverend Sumaili stated.

Reverend Sumaili implored all men of God to desist from partisan politics, urging them to instead preach peace and unity especially as the country heads to the polls.

And the clergy are thankful to the government for responding to their predicaments that have emerged due to the pandemic.

The Leadership Farm Lead Consultant, Oritsejolomi David indicated that the initiative if managed properly can create capacities and also build economies that will trickle down to the most vulnerable in society.

Pastor David added that the scheme is not just stimulating churches, religious and faith based organisations but also the economy.

“This money will go into every sector, the marketeer, the farmers, and many more will get something. So the empowerment scheme is very good,” Pastor David indicated.

Prophetess, Elfriday Musambazi, of Barack Ministries noted that the onus is now on the beneficiaries to effectively manage the funds, adding that the government has done its part by implementing the programme.

President Edgar Lungu, after hearing a plea from Ndola based faith organisations last year, he implored the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs to come up with modalities of an empowerment fund just like other sectors.


  1. Government had released empowerment (bribery) money for the churches. Please go get your share but remember your vote is secret.

  2. Right in the election year, Boom, there is manna for the churches, only true religion like Jehovas witnesses wont get this money, The other churches it will be scramble for Africa. ECZ as toothless as ever before are busy watching, reduced to spectators like all of us

  3. Is the Zambian Economy not affected by Covid-19 Restrictions? If so where is the Govt getting all this Money it is dishing out to Jim and Jerry. The Govt is donating this Money to Churches but not to the Parishioners. There is no relief being allocated to the unemployed and small businesses affected by Covid-19. It appears this Money being dished out is not allocated thru the National Budget and therefore cannot be accounted for. Possibly this is dirty money being generated thru Money Laundering. It also appears BOZ is printing money like confetti hence the Economy is now under hyperinflation. With these “twusaka twandalama “being
    carried all over the Place and money being dished out left and right, prices will skyrocket by the time we go 4 Elections on August 12,2021.

  4. This is a mismanagement of resources they’re key sectors that needs that fundings health and education please use the money to replace expired drugs and buy face masks and sanitizers in schools

  5. This is the most stupid think a normal government can do. How many people do churches employ? All the money most churches make thru tithe and offering goes to Papas. What’s wrong with African leaders? So u give them money to extend worship houses then collect more tithe and offering!! Pliz!!! And they do not even pay taxes. Ichalo ici!!! Lunacy at play.

  6. Great gesture in a Christian nation. We don’t expect evil upnd diasporans to understand this that is why they are throwing insults about this. Go to hell you evil donkeys

  7. Why not empower private schools where the impact was more. Some teachers and school propriators lost income.
    A church is a place where Christian’s worship. Is a church an income generating venture that income was lost due to Covid 19.
    Between private schools and churches which one requires covid -19 relief package. Am willing to be educated.

  8. And the strange thing is that congregants are every sunday flocking to these churches were bribes are being distributed every week, what Satan has done is terrible to this world. The country is technically broke but PF is busy distributing money and out of embarrassment they have stopped publicizing dishing out of these bribes, but behind the scenes this is continuing

  9. The government empowering churches? What type of power is this? The only recognized power of the church comes from the trinity through the Holy Spirit. Not from politicians through godlessfrida!!!

  10. Even if they give the money, meno meno, the ka worst dull president on earth will still lose, the dander head who bankrupted a country… What a loser

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