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Increased Financial Irregularities revealed by Auditor General’s Report Irk Government

Economy Increased Financial Irregularities revealed by Auditor General’s Report Irk Government

The government has raised concern with the increased financial irregularities reported annually in the Auditor General’s Report. Secretary to the Cabinet Simon Miti says his office will not tolerate any more misuse of public resources, adding that this should come to a halt.

Dr Miti implored all senior government officials to ensure that high levels of integrity, morality, ethical and professional conduct, become an integral part of their operations, procurement and financial management processes.

In a speech read during the First 2021 Senior Public Service Management Virtual Meeting held today, Dr Miti said his office expects zero audit queries from all ministries, provinces and spending agencies, going forward.

“For the first time, the office has taken action against officers cited for financial irregularities in the Auditor General’s Report for 2019, in order to demonstrate our resolve to this cause,” he said.

ZANIS reports that Dr Miti has since directed all Permanent Secretaries to ensure that appropriate corrective and disciplinary action is taken immediately an offence is committed.

He added that Senior Government Officials are expected to follow procedure, guidelines and regulations provided in various legislations, in the discharge of duties.

Dr Miti indicated that the Cabinet Office will not protect anyone flouting or operating outside the laid down guidelines and procedures.

He further urged Senior Officials to underscore the importance of National Values and Principles that President Edgar Lungu highlighted when he addressed parliament on February 12, 2021 as they discharge their duties.

“To be senior managers in the public service should be seen as an honour and privilege, which should not be taken for granted. It comes with responsibilities and accountability to the people of Zambia,” he said.

The Secretary to Cabinet also reminded the Senior Government Officials of the concerns raised with regards to the slow pace of implementation of cabinet decisions, which were announced during the 7th meeting held in February 2020.

“The Concerns I raised included, improvement of non-tax revenue generation, land titling, consolidation of investment and empowerment funds, telecommunication traffic monitoring system for mobile service providers, youth empowerment, cannabis cultivation for medicinal and economic purposes and opportunities for gold mining and trade in Zambia,” he highlighted.

He said he expects to receive updates from respective PS’s on the progress made in implementing the programmes.

Meanwhile, Dr Miti urged Permanent Secretaries to be proactive, using the best available tools to ensure that the country is secure at all times.

He added that PS’s are supposed to be alert to unforeseen disasters affecting the country as it is their duty and responsibility.

He reiterated the importance of innovation and creativity under the “New Normal” in the provision of public service, such as utilization of virtual platforms.


  1. All branches of government failing to operate professionally due to the influx of PF cadres into the system. Short sited they are. They don’t think about Zambia tomorrow.

  2. This money cited as missing in the auditor generals report could be the same money being distributed by the PF at rallies

  3. I am happy that the Alliance Chairman touched on this perennial same things in the auditor generals report on todays Radio Phoenix let the people talk program. However what he did not address were issues were some misguided people calling think building of infrastructure is development Please explain to the people which universal parameters are used to measure development and a sound economy. Translate inflation in a language they can understand and exchange rate, reserves, GDP, Unemployment, balance of trade all of which are in negative ever since PF took over.

  4. These kinds of Pronouncements only come in an election year for the PF government. All these times the audit reports have been unveiled nothing was being done but now it being an election year suddenly this clueless government wakes up.

  5. We need to root out the corrupt elements in our civil service. Most of these muppets are upnd sympathizers trying to damage our efforts

  6. What is this supposed to mean “telecommunication traffic monitoring system for mobile service providers”. Can you please concentrate on developing the nation. You created this economic mess yourselves as PF and not monitoring telecommunication traffic

  7. What do we need auditors for if there were no financial irregularities? The day we will have honest employees in govt and all procedures being followed to the letter will also be the demise of audit jobs and loss of employment. Its like having a heavy police force when you have angels on the streets.

  8. What hypocrisy. For 10 years the auditor general has been reporting of financial irregularities but to no avail.

    We are months away from elections and all of a sudden the government won’t tolerate mismanagement.

    The PF government has bankrupt this country. Debt has amassed to the tune of $ 27 billion. Have they no concern how they going to pay this. The thief is busy handing cash and all sorts of gifts as if it’s his money printing machine.

    Hence he replaced the BOZ governor and replaced him with a stooge who will act upon lungus orders.

  9. What do you expect when lungu and his cronies see fit to loot and replace service delivery by local institutions with personal
    Handouts …….???

    Stealing under lungu to aquire wealth as soon as possible is part of part of the job description….,90% of lungus GRZ are theives and init to get rich…..

    After all their boss, lungu, has never denied being a corrupt theif .,……

  10. It’s too late, PF is out. They even use forged expenses receipts to wipe their as$as.
    People, Inonge, Heritage Party and God have decided, Nalumango will fix it.

  11. We are not surprised as the top civil servant also has a pending arrest warrant over embezzlement!! Do the security wing really do their job of verification of appointees? Or is that the appointing authority would prefer questionable appointees for personal use?

  12. Kaizar Zulu, UPND members cannot be appointed to leading positions in government or State controlled enterprises. Read the PF constitution.

  13. Nostradamus # 14

    Are we the two remaining members of the Heritage party? How amazing would it have been had we been the ones to rule Zambia. Anyway this audit hurts. As every year there is one but the crooks with government are not prosecuted. kikikiki

  14. The one who is threatening to take action against those who misuse is the one who misused the most at the ministry of health together with kapoko and left kapoko to hang while he went scot free and was even promoted. Now how can you take him seriously.

  15. We are tired of your rhetorics year in year out.
    That’s the problem of appointing these officials on patronage basis.They owe these appointments to higher offices than to the people of Zambia.
    Please take the necessary punitive actions necessary to act as deterrent measures for would be future offenders.
    In private sector these things are never there.There are serious measures taken and no time is wasted as soon as reports are availed on any misdemeanors unearthed.
    For instance in private sectors, imprest not retired is deducted immediately in following months pay and similar occurence on three conservative periods, disciplinary action is taken against the culprits.
    Why can’t government impose similar measures,? Its disheartening when you see the colossal outstanding monies unrecovered on various imprests owed by government officials.
    Show us actions please not mere threats.
    I think the President should put his foot really down.

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