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Over K50 million needed for National House of Prayer project

Headlines Over K50 million needed for National House of Prayer project

President Edgar Lungu says K56 million is needed to complete the construction of the core structure of the National House of Prayer.

The works needed to complete the core structure of the National House of Prayer include the slab, terraces, roofing and building.

ZANIS reports that the Head of State has since appealed to the Christian community and Zambians in general to assist with the construction, by donating finances and materials.

President Lungu said this when he toured the construction site of the 10,000 seater capacity National House of Prayer in Woodlands area in Lusaka today.

“We need money, we need support, we need prayers, without money, support, prayers, we cannot do this project” said President Lungu.

The President said it is imperative that Zambians come on board to assist with the construction project.

He said delaying the project can spike the construction cost as prices of materials can go up.

The Head of State said he was impressed with the works done so far by the Zambia Army and Zambia National Service, including the 200 workers from the neighbouring communities.

“This is the work of God, it should not be left to the Army, National Service, the President, it is for all of us”, said President Lungu.

“So far, it is a job well done, let us keep the pace of the construction,” the President said.

Construction of the National House of Prayer began in early 2020, but later faced work interruptions due to heavy rains and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over K22 million has been spent by government and donors on clearing the site, and excavating and re-enforcing the foundation with steel structures among other tasks.

The core structure is expected to be complete by May this year, before finishing touches can be made.


  1. Instead at seeking community help to build factories to provide jobs , the morron wants to build a church to dupe the gullible with his bible at the ready in his back pocket…

  2. Set your priorities right, please! Even Israel has abandoned the luxury of building Temples. What the heck is wrong with our leaders kanshi,

  3. We will donate. The anti-Christs from the red devil grouping will criticize this but let us ignore them like we have done on many national issues. We will also tech another lesson this August.

  4. Same budget 4 years ago? Where is the money you raised you sinners?
    Aba baffikirla did the same 6 months before last erection. They were in America raising funds for that House of Pagans. I gave them $50, american dollars.
    I want my money back!!!

  5. Total waste.
    What’s this national prayer house intended for. Lungu himself is a thief and corrupt to the core including all his minions.

    Bloody hypocrites

  6. King David was told by God that he could not build the Temple becoz his hands were full of blood from the wars fought under his reign. The building of the Temple was tasked to King Solomon who completed the project. Maybe this might ring a bell to ECL as he embarks on an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term. The writing is on the wall.

  7. There are so many church buildings as it were, including the cathedrals – why would you still want to spend meagre resources whether from govt. or the already squeezed population, on another structure under the dubious nomenclature of ‘national house of prayer’? Firstly, prayer should remain in the private realm and not be mixed with State affairs. People should pray individually for strength to make the right decisions and carry them out in practice (if they have the ability in the first place) Not just sit there most of the time and simply ask everyone to come together and pray for every problem you are failing to solve. We have a bunch of clueless leaders with very limited acumen who have been resorting to duping the masses that all that needs to be done to resolve the myriad of…

  8. When you keep begging for contributions/donations from ordinary people for some cause or project and they are not forthcoming you have to revisit why the project is not resonating with the people you envisaged would have been excited of it! That the president is still pleading should tell him something about HIS project with THOSE that encouraged it at the time it was decreed!

  9. Great progress sir. We will find the rest of Money. The upnd leaders have not contributed a single ngwee because they are evil devil worshippers

  10. Great progress sir. We will find the rest of Money. The upnd leaders have not contributed a single ngwee because they are evil sadists with demons

  11. What did i tell you about this pointless building…5 years on its only those crooks in the photo who have got richer

  12. It’s good that the Leadership of His Excellency Dr Edgar C Lungu touch great importance to building the House of Prayer, I know of a de.vil worshipper who wanted to come and stop this awesome, great project…the de.vil is a liar…even 2021 his agent will fall.

  13. Free thing do not add value to anyones life .People do not appreciate protect and maintain things they have not worked for becuse they do not see they do not feel the need fo working hard .He is just encouraging laziness .

  14. Yesterday someone was making an appeal for donations to build mother’s shelter at Arthur Wina Hospital and somewhere I read that GRZ has released K25m to give to churches, in my Bible, Jesus says religious members must give to Caesar what belongs to him, yet in this ‘christian nations’ it is Caesar who gives to churches what does not belong to them. Again today you are begging for money, what is up in those empty skulls?

  15. I deliberately brought in Arthur Wina’s hospital appeal, knowing very well where the fake donations which must be called campaign donations under DMMU are coming from. Yet donating to a hospital is within the very woman’s department’s reach and is legal unlike the other donations. I feel for the late’s lost respect.

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