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Govt refutes social media reports on embattled Envoy Mukuma


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has dismissed social media reports that a Zambian Diplomat by the name of Musenge Mukuma appointed to the United Republic of Tanzania has been rejected by that country.

Dismissing the unfounded reports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Public Relations Officer Chansa Kabwela states that her ministry is not in receipt of any letter of appointment for Mr Mukuma as a diplomat designated to the United Republic of Tanzania.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Public Relations Officer Chansa Kabwela clarified in a statement issued to the media that the government has not made any such appointment as reported in social media circles.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Zambia has taken note of reports of an alleged appointment of a Zambian Diplomat to the United Republic of Tanzania and the subsequent rejection of the appointment, ” she said.

Mrs Kabwela further indicated that the Ministry is not in receipt of a letter of rejection from the neighboring Tanzania as claimed on social media reports.

“The Ministry wishes to inform the public that the Government of the Republic of Zambia has not made any such appointment in respect of a Mr. Musenge Mukuma and is not in receipt of a letter of rejection from its sisterly neighboring country,” she said.

The Ministry has since advised the public to dismiss the article circulating on social media and other platforms with the contempt it deserves.

The matter has been referred to the relevant security wings for appropriate investigations.

The Ministry indicated that the false information circulating on social media was being peddled by unscrupulous individuals with motives bent on tarnishing the country’s image.

“The Ministry has since reminded the public to guard against the consumption and circulation of false and unverified information, which is peddled by unscrupulous individuals with motives bent on tarnishing the image of the Republic of Zambia.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs remains fully committed to promoting Zambia’s interests and maintaining good international relations in order to ensure sustainable development and national prosperity,” the statement read in parts.

According to social media reports, Zambian Diplomat to Tanzania was rejected by President John Magufuli because his name is insulting words in Swahili.

It is reported that Tanzanian President Magufuli left Zambians in shock when he rejected Mr Musenge Mukuma because of his name.

According to President Magufuli, the name is insult words in Swahili speaking societies.


  1. Chileshe Kandeta was better than this former Post Newspaper journalist Mandela.
    Chansa Kabwela sent pictures of a naked woman in labor to a vice-president , and he died from depression.
    You were young you people.
    She now a government spokesperson, because of that.
    Next to die is this guy she saying he looks like a female insult.

  2. Kumamoto is also not a very nice word in Kiswahili but it is a legitimate name of a prefecture in Japan. Tanzanians must just chill. Worldview must be respected. Makende is not a nice word either but those are spectacles in another language…

  3. Propaganda being spread by evil upnd desperate hyenas. They will do anything to show pf in bad light. Banyala.

    By the way did you know thaT no matter how pompous hh is, his president is also EC lungu? Think about that

  4. Musenge Mukuma in Swahili means lESBIAN/hOMOSEXUAL P.USSY, so why appoint a Zambian with a name that means that as an envoy to East Africa? It’s like sending someone called MUNAMUNUNGU to Botswana, South Africa, Namibia or Lesotho, it’s foolish and only Lungu does that.

  5. But whose picture is illustrating the story? These are ordinary names in Zambia that are found in 5 provinces among different tribes.

  6. I wouldnt be surprised with the characters they send to embassies from PF secretariat like Frank Bwalya in Oz…with junior staff they just pick call boys from the bus station.

  7. Why don’t we ever see the likes of tarino commenting and criticising posts about the upnd? Why do upnd tongas behave like this?


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