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Cyber Security, Cyber Crimes Bill meant to protect citizens

General News Cyber Security, Cyber Crimes Bill meant to protect citizens

Central Province Minister, Sydney Mushanga, says the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill of 2021 is not targeted at anyone or the opposition but is aimed at protecting the citizenry.

Speaking at the launch of Oracle One Marital Services (OOMS), a Faith Based Organisation (FBO), Mr. Mushanga said he was affected to hear that one of the causes of divorces in the country was the improper use of social media.

Mr. Mushanga said the launch of OOMS has come at the right time when government has been encouraging peace and unity as the country heads towards the August 12 presidential and general elections.

“As a national servant, I find myself at peace to partner and contribute to the growth of this FBO whose aim is to bring peace because I want to associate myself with peace, unity and national development,” he said.

He charged that social media is supposed to be used properly for the good of humanity and to better people’s lives and strengthen marriages.

“I have no doubt in my mind that His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, would want to associate himself with such community initiatives,” he added.

The minister however observed that social media in the country has been used to among other vices, propagate hate speech.

Mr. Mushanga said it is for this reason that government has taken to parliament the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill of 2021 to advance the proper use of social media.

He added that once passed into law, it will be difficult for people who are in the habit of misusing the social media space to continue doing so.

He meanwhile dispelled assertions by some sections of society that the impending law is targeted at the opposition.

“And I think that is good for the state and it is not targeted at anyone or the opposition. If the opposition is progressive, if the opposition has nothing to fear, then there is no need to worry,” he said.

And Oracle One Marital Services (OOMS) president, Samson Kalwazi, said the Faith Based Organisation (FBO), was established to enhance the promotion of healthy married couples in Zambia and beyond.

Bishop Kalwazi said the organisation hopes to achieve this feat through guidance, counseling and teaching about Christian values and principles.

“Our values include excellence, unity of purpose, love, transparency, accountability and integrity. It is our prayer and hope that as we launch this organisation with the unity of purpose exhibited today, the FBO will achieve its intended goals,” Bishop Kalwazi said.

Meanwhile, Oracle One Marital Services (OOMS) Deputy Director of Health, Oswald Chikwaba, said improper use of social media accounts for 15, 000 divorces in the country.


  1. The timing of this Bill is very suscipious. It’s 5 months b4 the August 12, 2021 Elections. The Ruling Party badly needs this law to close Social Media,Civic and Political Spaces. Like we saw in Uganda ECL wants this law so that he can quietly and secretly Close the Internet and Social Media to allow PF rig the 2021 Elections in their favour. The ECL Govt wants to rush this Bill b4 Parliament is dissolved. It’s just as well Parliamentary Join Committee has recommended that the Bill be referred to Parliament and other Stakeholders for further Consultations. That’s the way to handle a Bill which affects the rights of all Zambians.

  2. So what does this Oracle One Marital Services have to do with cyber security? What do marital services have to do with cyber security bills? Is it LT or is this another worthless pursuit like some ministry…

  3. More like spying on citizens and using the same to weed out whistle blowers who tend to release wrong doings on social media anonymously rather than go to the authorities for fear of reprisals.

  4. Why is this Bill being introduced now with 5 months to go b4 the August 12, 2021 Elections? Why fast track the Bill? Parliament is to be dissolved in early May 2021. So why rush this Bill? Does the Govt require this law to conduct 2021 Elections? This raises suscipion. Those who suspect that this Bill is targeting the Opposition are being vindicated. This law will be used to restrict Election Campaigns by closing the Internet and Social Media. The new law will be weaponised by the PF Govt to close Media,Civic and Political Spaces. The law will used to rig the 2021 Elections by the PF Govt. The Bill needs more time to consult the Stakeholders widely.

  5. Mention one thing your useless govt has done to improve people’s lives, oh for got debt default…. 100 years of suffering to come bcoz of these id1ots

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