Sumaili urges church to unite politicians


National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili has urged the church to preach love, unity and respect for one another among political party leaders that aspire to serve the nation.

Reverent Sumaili says the church is well positioned to ensure that all political players in the country are united and operating in harmony.

She was speaking today when Anglican Church Eastern Diocese Bishop William Muchombo paid a courtesy call on her.

Rev. Sumaili has meanwhile expressed disappointment over some people’s tendency to abuse social media in Zambia.

She said it is disheartening that some people misuse social media to hurt others and to create mistrust and lack of patriotism in the nation.

Rev. Sumaili said her ministry is therefore in support of the Cyber Security bill that will help regulate the use of social media.

She has since encouraged Zambians to use social media to share developmental matters and knowledge to better their welfare.

And Anglican Church Eastern Diocese Bishop, William Muchombo, has encouraged politicians to uphold the heritage of Zambia as a Christian nation and a beacon of peace which it is known for.

Bishop Muchombo said political parties and other stakeholders must strive to co-exist and promote unity and harmony.

He reiterated the minister’s call to be patriotic and to use social media as a tool for sharing knowledge and national development.


  1. Yaba, even this one is now supporting this Bill. Politics all the time, fails to comment when ‘national values’ are abused by current government members.

  2. Anglican Bishop Mwamba has offered himself to save Zambia, and he looks high class!!. Give him PF party!!

  3. Useless woman and her useless ministry, trying to still votes in the name of God shame on you p0rn front party of theives

  4. She speaks the language of ECLungu, that journalists should investigate corruption on the nation. What a hoggosh of no sense.

  5. KZ,Your BP shall negatively be disturbed on that day HH will be declared President Elect of Zambia. Accept it Sir in your mind that CHANGE in inevitable. Learn to appreciate what a democratic dispensation entails. If I may ask you, what connection is their between the assertion from Honourable Sumaili and your aimless comment. I am sure you went to School to be educated as oppose to being Schooled Sir.

  6. KZ, you will even choose not to attend President HH Inauguration due to overwhelming shame full of envy. Kk was tough,he left. RB had money,he left. So, what makes you think your man devoid of eligibility will be there for ever. Infact, even Trump tried to oppose change but he changed to accept Change and he left. Sir with all due respect,change is Natural as such it is inevitable. Just like you can not refuse grey hair when it’s due to appear Sir.

  7. The Christian church needs no guidance from officials of a country that came into being years after these churches had already established themselves in the world.

  8. Like I said earlier every PF minister has been told to just talk about the bad effects of social media. Day before mushanga of central province, yesterday edify of Southern today its this useless lady with no portfolio. Tomorrow it will be another one etc etc.

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