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Government to soon introduce tough anti-poaching measures

General News Government to soon introduce tough anti-poaching measures

The Ministry of Tourism and Arts has pledged to put in place stiff measures to prevent poaching in the wildlife sector.

Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Patrick Lungu said the ministry will take all legal and reasonable actions to stop illicit activities in the industry.

He said this in a speech read on his behalf by Ministry of Tourism Director for Human Resources and Administration, William Katongo, at the commemoration of the 2021 world wildlife day at Lusaka’s Munda Wanga botanical gardens.

The 2021 world wildlife day was commemorated under the theme ‘forests and livelihoods, sustaining people and planet.

Mr. Lungu said government is in the process of operationalizing the national anti-poaching taskforce comprising all defense and security wings to supplement the efforts of the department of National Parks and Wildlife in protecting wildlife resources through intelligence led anti-poaching and anti-trafficking operations.

He further said Zambia should never again allow any species to go extinct as it happened to the rhino before.

‘’It is not long ago that Zambia experienced the extinction of black rhino due to poaching and it had to take the support of cooperating partners to re-introduce them in the North Luangwa National Park,’’ he said.

And Director of National Parks and Wildlife Chuma Simukonda said as Zambia celebrates the event that falls on March 3 every year, it is important that people know conservation efforts are meant to protect wildlife from people but for the people. This means that wildlife is meant to sustain people’s livelihood in the economic sense.

Meanwhile, Zambia Community Based Natural Resources Management (ZCBNRM) Board Chairperson Rodgers Lubilo called on the government to finalize the ZCBNRM policy.

Dr. Lubilo said the policy will contribute to the strengthening of the partnership of the ZCBNRM and government.

He also said government must relook at the hunting fees sharing mechanism in communities where hunting takes place.


  1. Even the PS cant even attend this same meeting he sends the Director for Human Resources and Administration


  3. Any body know where your Pres has been flying to recently? Last week he flew to Riyhad for 4 days, then flew back home. 48 hours later he flies to Ankara Turkey, then Istanbul, and today he flew to Rabat Morrocco. Did he go looking for vaccines or girls?

  4. ”48 hours later he flies to Ankara Turkey, then Istanbul”
    Did he go to Turkey to sell Zambia’s Gold, where does the profits go? Is that where the money comes from that he is using to give his caders?

  5. Yes our Bombardier Challenger Jet 9J-ONE has been very busy in the last 7 days flying to Turkey.


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