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Police and DEC investigates display sums of cash on social media.


Vice President, Inonge Wina says that the PF is distancing itself from the reported cadres displaying large sums of cash on social media.

Stating that development is with the intentions of painting a bad image on the hard working PF, Mrs Wina said that it may not be a shock if the investigations revealed that the people who are in the videos are not real PF cadres but messy people masquerading as PF cadres with the intentions of tarnishing the image of the ruling party.

The Vice President disclosed that the Police Service and the Drug Enforcement Commission (I DEC) for this reason are jointly investigating suspected cadres who are displaying huge volumes of money in videos on social media.

She said the police have taken keen interest in the matter and have instituted investigations to find out who is showing enormous amounts of money in public.

Mrs Wina however, added that the Police will inform the nation on the matter as soon as they are done with investigations at the appropriate time.

She was speaking today in Parliament, when she responded to a question from honorable Member of Parliament for Mapatizwa Constituency Clive Miyanda.

Who asked a question to find out where the PF cadres are getting the huge sums of money which they are displaying in public when the country is experiencing an economic crisis.

He asked if the PF had taken the trouble to investigate where the money was coming from.


  1. This is nothing

    I have a job in Scotland and earn more than £1,200 a month. I have a car I have a house with only 18 years to go before finish and an afford a Zambian ticket every 4 months,

    So these monies I have seen on Social media are nothing to me.

    Let them be


  2. Where have you been Mushota?? A job is a job and I am thankful you have one. Last time I checked, you said you had a PhD. At 1200 pounds (1658$) which will translate into 20$ per hour. In the USA, you don’t need a PhD for that money. Even a bartender, stripper, waiter, housekeeper, plumber, concierge will make that very easy. Be humble.

  3. Mushota only over 1200 ? I thought you were going to say at least over 6000 pounds. Is that what you call Money? That is mere change to many business men like myself. Stop embarrassing yourself and fellow diasporans there. You are working as carers and you are proud Haha .

  4. Anyway back to important matters. Those videos were created by paid upnd thugs who were dressed in pf regalia. After those videos they had to give back that money to hh

  5. Fyi mushota I gave my daughter equivalent to 2500 pounds for her birthday and she is only in primary school. And yet that is the money you are bragging with here after working over time and night shifts wiping old people backside. This is why I say upnd diasporans are backwards

  6. Just go to BOZ and ask Mvunga he will give the receipts of money he has printed and distributed accordingly to cadres

  7. Iwe KZ. At least Mushota has a decent job. Her income is pure unlike yours. Your daughter must be making money on your behalf through prostitution.

    You are a thug and a low life. Wait till august you will cry like a bitcchh. I’ve told you many times watch shawshank redemption for inspiration.

  8. It’s not a Secret that BOZ was releasing Money to various PF aligned Empowerment Groups. Money is Printed by BOZ so why is Governor Mvunga quiet about Money being dished out to PF Cadres to buy votes? Governor Chris Mvunga should issue a Statement explaining the source of this Printed Money? Ministry of Finance and BOZ should be concerned with excessive growth in Money Supply which is fueling inflation and inturn high consumer prices. Both Ministry of Finance and BOZ should issue a joint Statement on this reckless printing of money. With such an Expansionary Monetary Policy IMF will not grant Zambia the $1.3 Billion Cash Bailout they applied for. The writing is on the wall.

  9. Black scouser you are a house coon. You have lived abroad too long such that you have become brain washed into thinking that its only possible for a whlte person to be wealthy. Please come visit us here in Zambia to see how well the friends you left are doing. My daughter is blessed to have a dad like me who suffered to get to where I am. I will give her whatever she asks for within reason. It’s my money and I spend it as I feel. If anything we have heard that many of you there abroad sell your bodies to make ends meet. Even that mushota of yours is probably selling her smelly self for money there

  10. These evil monies is why Zambia’s inflation is thru the roof coz its dirty campaign $$$ for PF electioneering. Styupid KZ and Styupid PF.

  11. # 10 KZ

    “…Please come visit us here in Zambia to see how well the friends you left are doing. …..”

    We know of jobless graduates going into permanent unemployment under your lungu , families not being able to afford even 2 meals a day……

    For you PF theives , yes life is sweet……

    ……for now……

  12. Akaps even there where you are abroad there are millions of unemployed people who live off the state. In fact many of you there in diaspora are claiming state handouts and yet you want to make it look like unemployment is something unheard of in the world. Do us a favour and leave us alone. If we are failures and doomed why you in our business? I thought you should be busy enjoying whlte mans land rather than wasting our time on lusakatimes vlogging about a country you left voluntarily. Fuseke

  13. The most classic adage regarding trolling is, “Don’t feed the trolls.” Trolls seek out emotional responses and find provocation amusing, so replying to them or attempting to debate them will only make them troll more. By ignoring a troll completely, they will likely become frustrated and go somewhere else on the internet.

    You should try your best not to take anything trolls say seriously. No matter how poorly they behave, remember these people spend countless unproductive hours trying to make people mad. They’re not worth your time of day.

  14. Let the Police arrest the cadres that were displaying the money and then the party to which they belong will feel the pinch. Simple logic here. This blame game whenever there is a problem in the Country will only end if we start arresting those that will be found wanting.

  15. KZ

    Here people actually try to be unemployed because they are well looked after, no one goes hungry , no child can miss school because of no money…….

    Here if leaders aquire wealth like lungus unexplained $2.1 million after 18 months in office means the end of them in office…..

  16. KZ

    “.,…If we are failures and doomed why you in our business? I thought you should be busy enjoying whlte mans land rather than wasting our time on lusakatimes vlogging about a country you left voluntarily. Fuseke…….”

     Yeah, you are stealing my tax money I pay here given to you as aid , dont take and steal the aid given to you and I won’t be on your case ……


  17. @Mushota. Iam surprised that you could be boasting of earning £1200 in 2021. I was earning £1800 in 1991 before I accepted a job in South Africa paying over £ 4000. You must be working as a child minder or in old age home because even toilet cleaners and bus drivers are earning more than you.

  18. Its unfortunate that In Zambia we get carried away each time some craft chaps posts something on social media. First and foremost what is the maximum amount of money is one allowed to draw over the counter? A close look at the money being seen in the picture, take a close look at those bundles and the way its bundled. Its all fake the crazy and craft chaps are wrapping money on both sides of the bundle to make appear like real. The Police and DEC officers should focus their efforts on detection and prevention of serious crimes. In case people have short memories we used to see young men and women positioned in strategic locations of Lusaka gambling AKA BLACK NAKA RED with stacks cash placed on the ground. Its well known that PF officials are busy making donations of all sorts but not…

  19. I have not seen Traffic Officers on our roads lately. I am sure they have gone to get on top of these Cadres.
    Reminds me of former minister Liato’s case where police reported 2 billion Kwacha recovered and Liato arguing that it was actually more than 5 billions. Clever Cops we had then!
    Zinangena … Kikikiki
    Boma, apa ndiye podyela!
    You are wasting time with motorists. Follow PF Cadres! That is where the money is!
    Eat with them!

  20. Hon.Mandubile has suggested that all PF Cadres distributing this Money for Empowerment should do so under Camera. So the issue is where are these PF Cadres getting the Money from? BOZ is charged with the Responsibility of Printing Money and disbursing it to Empowerment Groups. Why is Chris Mvunga the Governor of BOZ quiet? He must issue a Statement explaining how BOZ is Printing Money and disbursing it to PF Empowerment Groups. Is the ECL Govt are aware that reckless printing of money is highly inflationary ? This Money which is being dished out by PF Cadres is fueling price increases and hence prices of Consumer goods and services have skyrocketed making them unaffordable to the masses. These astronomical price increases are making ECL and PF very unpopular.

  21. Iwe Kaizar Zulu, I thought you were in prison by now. What are you still doing on LT? You and Lungu should’ve been caged by now. You and Lungu should be behind bars by now. Bapompwe imwe. Bakabwalala imwe.

  22. Austin Liato was convicted first by a Magistrates Court for failing to explain the source of a huge sum of cash he had buried at his farm house in Mwembeshi. The offence was not burying cash but failure to explain how he came about the cash. On appeal, the High Court freed him but the case went to the Supreme Court where the Magistrates court’s verdict was restored.

  23. The cash which PF has given to thugs to cause violence during elections is from international donors who donated the cash to help the poor cope with covid-19 related loss of earnings but the stupid Lungu and his thieving government are stealing the money giving some to PF to cause violence during elections

  24. Kaiser dont think that all Zambians are cowards. if you continue being pompus you will meet your maker soon.


  25. Kaiser you are also on state benefits because the job you do does not exist but created by stupid Lungu to save your ass iwe chimbwi.

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