Indian to build agriculture university in Zambia

Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga
Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga

-An Indian investor has pledged to build a specialised agriculture university in Zambia at an initial cost of US$1 million, Zambia’s High Commissioner to India, Judith Kapijimpanga has disclosed.

Mrs. Kapijimpanga said Banyan Impex Private Limited Director, J.M. Patel will travel to Zambia on March 15, 2021 with a view of starting the registration process of the investment in Zambia.

She said this when Texila University-Lusaka Representative Jesvin Kumar paid a courtesy on her in New Delhi, India.

Mrs. Kapijimpanga stated that the mission is proud of Texila American University Lusaka which has roots from India, as it took a bold step to invest in Zambia and is currently doing well.

She said over 500 Zambians are currently in Indian universities and praised Texila American University for taking the investment to Zambia to lessen costs.

The High Commissioner said Zambia is one of the best investment destinations in Africa, after ranking fourth most peaceful country in Africa, according to the 2020 Global Peace Index.

Mrs. Kapijimpanga however said investors should target Zambia’s energy manufacturing, construction, tourism and agriculture sectors as prioritised by President Edgar Lungu.

Meanwhile, Texila University Lusaka representative Jesvin Kumar said investing in Zambia was the best decision as universities cater for Zambians, countries in Africa and one student from America.

This is contained in a statement made available to the media in Lusaka today by First Secretary for Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in Indian Naviley Bangwe.


  1. It is now confirmed! Zambians cannot count. This guy is offering to invest $1 million to construct a University? What sort of University is that? Let us be serious! If you spend $1 million on a fire engine, can you spend the same amount on a brand new University. A toll gate costs $4million.

  2. May be he is new in this country as
    He must be calculating in rupees.
    Let him know here we just buy
    Gloves and condoms for $1.7million dollars and helicopters
    For $8million dollars.

  3. Really laughable …how can you call a learning institution built with $ 1 million a university …please get serious madam Ambassador

  4. Great development. He puts f00lish upnd diasporans to shame. If a foreigner can do such in Zambia why can’t upnd diasporans do something to help this country if it is as bad as they make it look on news platforms? These upnd diasporans have not built even a single toilet in their villages and yet are here criticising this great Indian man. You should be ashamed ba toilet cleaner

  5. They are not even ashamed of themselves these PF thieves, with lungu…..

    While an Indian can manage only $1 million to establish a university in zambia , lungu and his gang have stashed hundreds of million of stolen dollars outside zambia……

    Shame on you lungu and your cronies….

  6. @AkapS

    All this wealth that has been accumulated by convict lungu and his cronies will be investigated.

    It’s high time these criminals are brought to book.

    Look at Chiluba how much was he worth when he became president and when he left his much wealth did he accumulate from stealing.

    These cockroaches think by stealing their earning are legit

  7. The most classic adage regarding trolling is, “Don’t feed the trolls.” Trolls seek out emotional responses and find provocation amusing, so replying to them or attempting to debate them will only make them troll more. By ignoring a troll completely, they will likely become frustrated and go somewhere else on the internet.

    You should try your best not to take anything trolls say seriously. No matter how poorly they behave, remember these people spend countless unproductive hours trying to make people mad. They’re not worth your time of day.

  8. Really laughable ….building a University in Zambia at a cost of $1million not even a proper Secondary School in a big town would be that cheap…even foreigners are taking us for foooooools because we have dull people like Judith Kapijimpanga as High commissioner!!
    Good Night!!

  9. That must be a corrugated iron and cheap wood school to be established in the slums of Chibolya or Mtendere.

  10. There’s Natural Resources Development College built with Belgian aid which awards diplomas and is now accredited to UNZA, several colleges of agriculture which offer certificates and then UNZA itself offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and PhDs in agriculture science and then the school of veterinary medicine.

  11. Those of you justifiably questioning the authenticity and seriousness of building a university as reported here must start to also question the credentials of the ambassadors Zambia sends into foreign missions!

  12. They will come and make the rest of the cash to build their Uni when they land in Zed. With people willing to trolley Chinese from their shop to their car would it be surprising? That $1 million ni ka entry fee cabe anzanga. Watch the space.

  13. Hold on here, did you just say $1million university!!! that’s nothing come on madam. moreover, Indians never finishes their project on time they have the tendency of building something halfway and commerce the business whilst building is going on and at times they do not finish the projects to the standard required because there are always thinking about money transaction. An example is the shops in kamwala area and other places where they run shops. shops look deplorable. we need investors with mordern attributes, not a mambo-jumbo intentions.

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