John Sangwa is committing treason for failing to recognise the duly elected President-Tutwa

Government’s Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip Hon. Tutwa Ngulube
Government’s Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip Hon. Tutwa Ngulube

Government Deputy ChiefWhip Tutwa Ngulube says UPND aligned lawyer John Sangwa is committing treason for failing to recognise the duly elected President. Mr Ngulube also says the UPND aligned lawyer is committing a serious offence for not recognizing laws that allow President Edgar Lungu to contest the general elections.

Speaking in an interview in Lusaka, Mr Ngulube warned that Mr Sangwa should never blame anyone if he will be arrested for treason because he has shown to be a disobedient citizen.

Mr. Ngulube who is also Kabwe Central Constituency Member of Parlaiment, says lawyers need to set an example of being law abiding citizens unlike what Mr Sangwa is portraying.

“As far as we are concerned John Peter Sangwa is saying President Lungu will constitute treason by filling nominations.

But as far as we are concerned it is him John Sangwa who is committing treason because he does not want to recognise duly elected Head of State and he does not want to recognise the laws of Zmbia,” he says.

“He is throwing himself into a trap and he has no one to blame if the law takes its course,”.

Mr Ngulube also says the Government will use provisions of the laws of Zambia that restrict lawyers from misleading the public before adding that Mr Sangwa lost the case regarding the eligibility of President Lungu but he has continued to mislead the people which need to put to an end.

“As far as we are concerned there are laws that stop lawyers from misleading the public, there are laws that stop members of the public from giving false information to the public.
And there are also laws that restrict people attacking a lawfully elected Government. So we shall use some of these provisions to bar him from misleading the nation,” he says.


  1. John Sangwa must recognize the head of state, he is a lawyer he knows this. In the same vein can energy minster help us in nkana east kitwe, we are having too many ZESCO power outages, the other day power went at 16hrs the previous day and came 14 following day, two days ago it went at 18 and came at 04, today it has gone at 19hrs and we don’t have an idea what time it will be restored. ZESCO needs to do better and they don’t even advise on what the issue is even with such frequent outages

  2. When treason charges are thrown at them they then run to their whlte masters crying for help and yet they fully know what the law says . The only way your tribal leader can be president is through the ballot. There are no backdoor methods in a democracy like Zambia

  3. OH SOME OF YOU KEEP QUIET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Why threaten people with treason. Pf your days are numbers. I will not be a f001 again to vote for these monsters.

  5. Tutwa ,

    Why dont you debate these laws with John instead of issuing threats ???

    That is why that cyber law lungu and his gang are pushing for is bad news for any free thinking citizen who does not dance to the PF tune ……..

    It ls PF law makers like this tutwa who make you realise the danger of any PF inspired bill meant to police citizens

  6. Oooowe, elyo lwanya, PF is feeling the heat now and panicking!
    Why resorting to threats, if you know the constitution is on your side, then just ignore Sangwa and wait for the constitutional court to throw out his petition. But because you are not so sure, you are now all over the scene, threatening…….two days ago, judges were being threatened…….now it’s Ngulube is up with his treason threats.
    Bring it on, it will not lead you anywhere. Sangwa is exercising his constitutional right, so please stop this treason nonsense ba PF.

  7. Each time I read Tutwa speak, I am all the more convinced that he is knew someone at both UNZA and Ziale!

  8. What treason. Do you know what amounts to treason iwe kamufana KZ ‘mambala’. PF is a failed project full stop. The good part is that you are going. What ever you do , whether you you only allow PF supporters to vote only, among them , the majority will vote for opposition.

  9. That is why we are telling Zambians that that cyber bill being pushed by PF is bad news………

    Messages with Words like corruption or stealing that appear in a same message body with PF or lungu will get flaged as treasonous or a threat to security , and you will be fined or jailed……

  10. If John Sangwa committed treason why doesnt Twutwa Ngulube sue him for treason in Court? John Sangwa has invited Twutwa Ngulube to go ahead and get him arrested for Committing Treason. Twutwa Ngulube Action speaks louder than words. We shall see!

  11. Is this the reason to enact that crazy bill after all? cyber crimw bill is a defensive mechanism entrench by the PF goons who have lost their popularity trying to threaten Sangwa, well that won’t fry.

  12. This boy is a comedian …his papers need to be investigated for plagiarism you would shocked at what he spews on TV …Lazy Lungu must be his mentor. Its no surprise Honeybee hired him as their lawyer as he is a crook who would even shock Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad.

  13. Akaps we are fixing f00lish diasporans like you with this bill. Mwajayila insulting our leadership and country. Your days are numbered

  14. Tutwa Nkumba ya mumpanga, l heard when you were reading your own closes of the law stating what atticles on treason meant about a person or a leader “”who”, in my layman’s language is telling me how one breaks the the constitution. You must read between the lines properly you are a lawyer dont just threaten your teacher.

  15. What a lawyer. Speaking as if never went to UNZA or any other college. Or is it the love to be in power at all cost.

  16. Those threats to John Sangwa by Tutwa Ngulube are pathetic to say the least. Does Ngulube know what Treason means and what Bill of Rights entails?

  17. Hahahahahahaha PF has dull people please… How does what he said translate into not recognizing Lungu as president? If he stands for third then its treason thats what he said… But anyway we do ubderstand the caliber pf the team

  18. I don’t see anything wrong in John Sangwa saying that Edgar Chagwa Lungu isn’t eligible to be on the ballot in the coming election

  19. Under Pf, even a traffic offense is treason. The last a person any reasonable individual should listen to is Tutwa. I don’t know if ECL trusts after what happened to bill 10

  20. What is treasonable is this – the loss of trust in ECZ after the Kalulushi theft of HH’s votes, mind you 1200 is a lot for a small city.
    Like Governance Activist, Leslie Chikuse put it fresh elections should have been held given the video confession that made rounds on social media .
    In the video UPND Kalulushi Candidate Evaristo Mwalilino’s  driver revealed how Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s Kalulushi Constituency  votes where concealed went viral after it was aired on Prime TV.

  21. The lawyer cannot be able to damage the image of President Lungu before, and he cannot be successful to damage the image of the President now… He is just wasting his time and energy.

  22. It is all planned by UPND… HH is trying harder to pull President Lungu down because he can only target the President with lies to be in the news.

  23. Twutwa Ngulube is embarrassing PF and Parliament. How can a trained lawyer fail to distinguish between Treasonable and non Treasonable Acts. Very shameful indeed.

  24. He just wants to provoke the public by digging into the topic of President Lungu’s eligibility to contest the August elections. If all his points were right then why he lost in the Court???

  25. We demand the arrest of the aligned lawyer then he will confess the name of a person who told to give such an interview in the public.

  26. UPND leader HH, its cadres, and media team always breach the law and then cry and blame PF only, if police arrest them. What kind of mentality is this?

  27. I think strict action must be taken against him, and others as well who question the decision of our Constitutional Court.

  28. We are just a few months away from the election and UPND is suddenly debating again on the topic of President Lungu’s eligibility to contest the August elections, and giving interviews on the same.

  29. We are not at all shocked by the lawyer’s interview because we know that all the UPND supporters will create controversies to target the ruling PF party.

  30. Yes!!! Please take serious action against him and set an example for other liars that one can just blatantly speak nonsense about the Head of the State. No one is above the law!

  31. Lawyers should behave responsibly, they are not allowed to speak any lies as they fight for the justice of the people. If lawyers started questioning the law then how common people will have the faith in our law? Mr. Sangwa has committed serious offense!

  32. Kaffir Zulu should just shut up! Zambia is for all Zambians, and not just his thugs. Lungu will get his comeuppance one day for breaking Zambian laws. How can the worst and most corrupt Zambian president intend to govern Zambia for 13 years and become second longest serving?

  33. Tutwa is a typical dull cadre and a disgrace to the law profession. If you don’t recognise someone as President you are committing treason? What a diabolical statement! Half of the population would need to be arrested! It’s the intentions or actions of usurping power or overthrowing a govt. that MAY constitute treason. If there is anyone misleading the gullible, it’s Tutwa himself. He is still seeking some high position with his ridiculous desperate rantings – and his lick, lick, lick

  34. If ECL is going to hire dull lawyers like Tutwa Ngulube and Makebi Zulu when the ECL Eligibility Petition Hearing then ECL will lose the Case. These two PF Lawyers don’t know what is Treasonable and what is not Treasonable.

  35. Why doesn’t PF trust Concourt Judges re-confirmç their Judgment endorsing ECL for 2021? Let Concourt hear the Petition(s) on ECL’s Eligibility and leave the Judges to make impartial Ruling on the matter.

  36. Sangwan amused me. LAZ had suspended his practicing license for misleading a few Zambians, UPND, who do not understand the law.
    Last year he was on a live debate with a junior lawyer, Makeni Zulu. He was asked two questions. His answers confirmed that he agreed to the ruling of the concourt that President Lungu is eligible to contest the 2021 elections for a second term.
    The first question was,
    1. Is two years and less as per the Zambian constitution, considered a full term?. Ans. No.
    2. Has President Lungu served two terms? Ans. No. What confuses the state council Sangwa is the money he is paid to mislead. A lacuna in our constitution which says being sworn in twice can’t hold water because less than two years is not a term.
    What is fighting for? Let President Lungu commit…

  37. If it is true that ““ there are laws that stop lawyers from misleading the public”, then they should be used against you Kutwa, the ChiefWeep, who is loudly weeping in advance even before your boss is finally and legally barred from contesting.

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