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Hamududu backs Cyber Security Bill

General News Hamududu backs Cyber Security Bill

Party of National Unity and Progress (PNUP) President, Highvie Hamududu says the party fully supports the Cyber Security Bill so long it can stop the criminality of damaging people’s lives.

Speaking during media briefing held at Floriana Lodge in Solwezi today, PNUP Mr Hamududu said a mechanism must be put in place to stop the propaganda criminality.

Mr. Hamududu said people must never abuse social media but use it to advance development, not to insult and behave like cowards and criminals.

“So if you are doing criminality in your house–insulting people… you are damaging their names…you are criminal. You must be found and smoked out.

“Use social media to advance development not to insult and behave like criminals. Cyber Security Bill is law now. It is passed already. If you are involved in propaganda criminality they will get you…to protect that man you are insulting under your fake website,” he said.

Mr Hamududu said him, being one of the victims of Cyber bullying, has experienced the pain of this crime, hence supporting the bill if it can stop the criminality of damaging people’s lives.

“Do you know what is happening now, people are destroying lives of other people. Even us politicians, I am one of the victims. You start writing falsehoods on the social media…that criminality must be stopped not that I am supporting Cyber Security no, a mechanism must be put in place to stop this propaganda criminality ,” Mr Hamududu said.

Mr. Hamududu says he supports the bill because it is aimed at stopping foolish propaganda.


  1. These are progressive voices.if you are a leader and you are insolent surely you must be afraid about this bill. If you are a leader of integrity you should surely support this bill.

  2. It is one thing to make cyber laws and another to prosecute. If cyber evidence is difficult to preserve in advanced countries I fear for Zambia.

  3. Only insolent internet president hh is scared of this bill. It means he will need to behave himself online and stop his lie peddling to unsuspecting citizens on the internet. Only the guilty will not support this bill

  4. Some of these useless Party Presidents like Tayali and Sean Tembo its laughable they are given coverage yet dont even have a ward councillor under them ….and now there is this Highvie Hamududu, another scumbag is Dan Pule made a living out of this!!!

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