President Lungu leads 2021 youth day commemorations

President Lungu Hosting Youths at State House
President Lungu Hosting Youths at State House

President Edgar Lungu today led youths across the country in commemorating the annual youth day which falls on the 12th of March every year.

The 2021 youth event was held under the theme “Enhancing National Development through youth partnership”

The Presidential motorcade carrying the Head of State arrived at the freedom statue on Independence Avenue at exactly 10:00 hour’s local time.

Minister of Youth, Sport and Child Development Emmanuel Mulenga led Cabinet Ministers, Service Chiefs, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, senior government officials, Patriotic Front members and youth representative in receiving the Head of State.

The Head of State later led Service chiefs, Members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to Zambia and Youth representatives in laying wreaths at the Freedom statue after a 21 gun salute amidst solemn music by the Zambia army brass band.

The annual youth day is commemorated in honour of the gallant youths who lost their lives during the country’s liberation struggle.

This year’s youth day was commemorated under strict COVID-19 health guidelines with only a handful of dignitaries invited to observe the national event.

President Lungu Hosting Youths at State House
President Lungu Hosting Youths at State House

And in delivering a homily to mark the commemoration of the youth day celebration, held at the Freedom Statue, Zambia Air Force Deputy Director Major Arnold Simbeye urged the youths to use this year’s youth day commemoration as a platform to air out there cries and desires.

“The commemoration of this year’s 2021 youth day, presents a platform and opportunity to once again air out the cries and desires of the of Zambian youths,” said the Major.

Major Simbeye pointed out that youths are faced with numerous challenges such as unemployment and lack of business opportunities to better their livelihood.

He however, commended government for the strides it is making in seeking to alleviate the challenges faced by youth through empowerment programmes.

“We thank you more sincerely your Excellence for government’s good will and support in seeking to alleviate the many challenges that our youths of today are faced with, among them being unemployment, challenges in accessing good education, business opportunities and many others, ” He said.

Major Simbeye said youths can positively contribute to the development of the country if adequate opportunities and resources are placed in their hands.

He reiterated that youths are a promising force that can contribute to the country’s sustainable development, peace and security.

“These are beaming with hope for a better future and development with resources placed in their hands and available opportunities to grow and develop youth will positively contribute to better Zambia as envisioned,” Major Simbeye stated.

President Lungu Hosting Youths at State House
President Lungu Hosting Youths at State House

Major Simbeye commended government for recognizing and celebrating the youth day saying the gesture demonstrates government’s political will in addressing the many challenges faced by the youth’s countrywide.

“Youth are promising forcing indeed to sustainable development and ably contribute to peace and security. Government’s commitments to recognizing and celebrating the 2021 youth day is indeed a testimony of the political will and the desire to do something tangible for the Zambian youths,” he emphasized

Meanwhile a sizable number of youths from different walks of life turned up for the youth day commemoration held at the Freedom Statue.

This year’s youth day celebration was characterised with a heavy presence of Zambia Police and Zambia Army personnel.

Before departing the premises of the Freedom Statue President Lungu took time greet the youths who braved the sun throughout the youth day ceremony.

President Lungu’s gesture elated the youths who chanted slogans in support of him ahead of the August 2021 general elections.


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