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Zambia to protect children from social media abuse – Kampyongo


Minister of Home Affairs, Stephen Kampyongo has announced that government is in the process of formulating mechanisms to protect children from abuse and manipulation especially on social media.

Mr. Kampyongo says government is worried that the increase in access to internet by children is posing a threat to the wellbeing of the young ones as most of them are falling prey to abuse and manipulation.

He says the new mechanisms and the enforcement of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes laws will deter culprits from abusing the cyber space to manipulate, traffic and entice children to indulge in illicit activities that are detrimental to the livelihood.

The Minister said this before departure for Zambia after attending the Fourteenth United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice which has come to an end today in Kyoto, Japan.

He has since urged parents to monitor the activities of their children especially on social media as a measure to protect them.

And Mr. Kampyongo has announced that reforms for the country’s correctional service have advanced with a focus on empowerment of youthful prisoners with various skills.

“It is government’s wish to see all the prisoners becoming more productive with skill sets that guarantees good livelihood and capacity to contribute to national development once they are released from the correctional facilities,” said the Minister.

He said government will ensure that those released from correctional facilities are fully reformed so that they do not engage in criminal activities once they are integrated into society.

The Minister said it is for this reason that government will soon recruit Correctional Officers with various skills as part of the reforms.

Meanwhile Mr. Kampyongo has described the just ended Kyoto congress as a success saying the lessons and experiences learnt will benefit the country in preventing crimes and administration of criminal justice, which is key to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals -SDGs-.

The congress which drew participants around the globe was held under the theme, “Advancing crime prevention, criminal justice and the rule of law: towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.”

The UN Crime Congress has since adopted a political declaration that will set the crime prevention and criminal justice agenda for the next five years. This contained in a press statement issued by the First Secretary-Press at the Zambian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan Yotamu Mugara.


  1. If your children see you watch polno from your fellow PF ministers, yes then you don’t need internet.
    But if your children like dancing and singing, why not watch TikTok like Ba Edgar?
    YouTube has alot of soccer videos, kids should be encouraged to watch how Chisamba Lungu used to dribble.

  2. Stop fronting children to disguise your evil plans ba PF. Cyber crime is not a top priority right now as we are in an election year. We need laws that will protect the people of Zambia during campaigns. People must express themselves freely without fear of being killed or harmed. Many opposition members have been killed or injured, properties like billboards belonging to the opposition have been vandalized without an effort of justices. these are number one issues that must be addressed in an election year. As long as these issues are left to repeat themselves, no one will trust the motives of the pf grz.

  3. How many children naimwe? If there were as many children on the internet as these bills want us to believe, PF would not win a single election. The number of people who access social media in Zambia is less than 2 million. If you compare this with 7 million registered voters you can see why everything said on Social media has no impact on Zambian politics.

  4. As a father, I welcome this initiative. We need to protect our kids from the evil upnd diasporan disease

  5. Tikki – Expect M7 style internet black outs in August that’s why Watchdog has launched an App…..these are simple minded foooools

  6. This is the only thing this dull little boy learnt from that conference he attended in Kyoto, Japan…he doesnt even know how many children have access to internet, they just copy without knowing facts on the ground

  7. We are all for children protection…..

    However , this bill can wait a few more months after the elections…..

  8. The same Laws we make may turn against us in future! We must not make Laws targeting individuals. By definition, such are bad Laws! Remember Sata’s Law on making Car theft a non-bailable offence? Sata became a victim of his own bad Law.
    Whosoever diggeth the pit, shall bury in it!


  10. I’m shocked Kaiser Zulu is able to father children, are you sure they are yours, you should be castrated instead, better for the world

  11. Smart phones and internet are not meant for the children. They should concentrate on study. Parents should be vigilant to control the use of smart phones by children.

  12. Abuse and manipulation is rampant on social media and children are sitting ducks for the criminals. Fortunately we have Cyber Security Bill now to protect them.

  13. Children are future leaders and law makers. They would run the country in years to come. Addiction to internet and smart phones will stunt their mental and physical growth. We should be extra cautious to protect them from the evils of internet and smart phone in tender age.

  14. Every parent need to be on guard when the children are using smart phones. The little fun can turn into the worst nightmare in no time. It is dangerous for the entire family. I support the government on this.

  15. I know how it is when children and women fall in the trap of the criminals on internet. I have seen people suffering and trust me, it is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.

  16. This is the welcome step. The Cyber Security Bill will be of great help in regulating the crimes against children. We must support this.

  17. People know who to trust. They have shown it in the past and will show it in future as well. We don’t need your advice. Keep it to yourself.

  18. Do you know the exact number of children having access to internet? Can you give the exact number? What, according to you, should be the minimum number of children on internet to act against the criminals?

  19. You must be an insane person to say all this. You have to sensitive about the victims of online fraud and abuse on social media. Our response to the crime should not depend on the number of people likely to fall prey.

  20. What’s wrong in the Bill? Are you against protecting the vulnerable on social media? Do you want the criminals have a free run to abuse and molest women, cheat the youths? Come on!

  21. Lungu and his crooks can’t protect Zambians from the Chinese cockroaches and he comes here ati protecting Children? Very soon the Chinese will be abusing the very children you are claiming to want to protect but it will be awesome if they can start with the politician children. That would be sweet.

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