Sunday, June 16, 2024

Zambian Afropop Princess, Katongo, releases new song ‘Yoyo’


Yoyo is an Afrobeat dance track written and performed by Katongo and Zambian Rap star Mic Burner. The song speaks of a tumultuous relationship in which the female feels she is being treated like a toy yoyo, picked up and then discarded by her partner at a whim.

Yoyo is Katongo’s first single release in 2021. So far in her career, she has released popular songs such as ‘Joy Joy’ with Zambian legend JK, ‘Kiss of Life’ with Reggae artist Cactus Agony, ‘All Over Me’ with Congolese star BM (Rosalina) and Tinofara with Zambian Hip Hop Star Slapdee.

In 2019 Katongo was named Best Female Newcomer at the Kwacha Music Awards and has since been working on her debut album.

Yoyo certainly wets our appetites for more of what the songstress has to offer.


  1. Ahmmmn; The ladies’ voice is too light!! sounds like a kiddergarden song! But Kudos to the guy! He tried so hard to balance. Hope they can mix the voices. Good for radio play only. Well try, Katongo.

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