HEA names 5 universities illegally operating as Higher Education Institutions


The Higher Education Authority (HEA) has disclosed that 5 universities are illegally operating as Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the country, contrary to the provisions of the Higher Education Act No. 4 of 2013.

In a statement Authority Corporate Communications Officer, Boniface Musoba has since named the Universities as

  1. Elpalate University in Lusaka,
  2. Landmark University in Lusaka,
  3. Shalome University in Kitwe,
  4. Shaphat University in Lusaka, and
  5. Yesbud University in Lusaka.

Mr Musoba said the notice has been issued pursuant to Part IV Section 15 (1) of the Higher Education Act No. 4 of 2013, which states that a person shall not operate a private HEI unless the private HEI is registered under this Act.

“HEA has been made aware that some of the aforementioned institutions are fraudulently issuing financial aid to unsuspecting members of the general public in order to recruit them,” He said.

Mr Musoba further strongly warned the general public not to enrol in any private institution that is not registered with the Authority.
He also disclosed that Melburn Institute of Applied Sciences is offering illegal degrees.

Mr Musoba added that the notice has been issued pursuant to Statutory Instrument No. 25 of 2016 Part III Paragraph 10 (1) which states that the proprietor of an HEI shall not offer Learning Programmes (LPs) for which it is not accredited.


  1. These are the universities whereby if you graduate you’re unable to find a job then you begin to complain that graduates are loafers. Can you just give one reason I can enroll at such a university?

  2. I would rather not have a degree than attend such institutions. Some upnd cadres have degrees from these institutions and are the ones in fore front calling people uneducated.

  3. I saw one University in Chilenje township. The University is housed in a former council 3 bedroomed house. And people do go there to register.

  4. Kikikiki our current government have ministers that were gotten from streets as cadres. No wonder they cant formulate good laws that protects the citizens but laws that protects their greed motives. They see a land to them its a plot. A forest 27 to them is a plot. A national park to them is a plot. As MPs, they legislated a G12 certificate for political aspirants vaibala ati vilibe ma G12 results vina pelela mu G3.

  5. Another cadre was employed to be posting and insulting on this platform as long a new news update is updated. Simple logic, this man have got no tangible job. You cant comment to all the news updates if you are employed because certain times yo will be busy working. Manje mulova uyu, aawe sure. If you dont insult, you will not get paid we know you unaba mutu nakamwa ya Satana.

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