Mwinulunga woman murders daughter

Kalungwishi River is where the Lumangwe and Kabwelume falls are found

A 28 years old woman of Mafwikila village in Kanyama chiefdom in Mwinilunga district, has allegedly murdered her eight years old daughter by pushing her in the river.

North-western Province Commissioner of Police, Joel Njase confirmed the incident in a statement availed to ZANIS in Mwinulunga.

Mr Njase said the incident is alleged to have occured between March 12, 2021 and March 20, 2021 at Lunga river bridge.

He explained that the grandmother to the deceased reported to police that her daughter Emeldah Lukama 28, had allegedly murdered her daughter, of the same abode by pushing her into Lunga river.

“Mwinilunga Police Station was in receipt of a murder case in which a Female Janeces Lukama aged 61 of Mafwikila village in Kanyama chiefdom in Mwinilunga district reported that her granddaughter was alleged to have been murdered by her mother, Emaldah Lukama aged 28 years who pushed her into Lunga river,” he said.

Mr Njase said police in the area visited the scene and found the decomposed body of the deceased wrapped in a mosquito net and tied to a tree near the river bank.

He said the body has since been buried in a shallow grave and marked for the purpose of exhumation and post-mortem.


  1. LT’s reporting! The mother pushed the daughter inyo the river? Then the daughter was found wrapped in a net AND tied to a nearby tree?
    How do both occur to one person?
    If the mother murdered the daughter before hand then wrapped the body and through it in the river, then it cannot be be found tied unless someone tied the body after it was thrown into the river. Then again that’s throwing not pushing, as I’m pushing someone alive.

  2. Ba Lsk Times your reporting is very bad and leaves people guessing to know the finer details to say the least, please improve.

  3. Lungu’s evilness stretching to the people of Zambia. Lungu and the PF thieves have no regard for human life and this is why you are seeing such acts by the poor people of Zambia. People are frustrated with life in general hence they snap just like that. Lungu has way too much blood in his hands. What a horrible human being.

  4. @Doti Matombe, not trying to justify a murder, but people are suffering under this PF such that they snap at literally everything. I won’t be surprised that this awful mother did this for failing to provide for her child due to hardships created by the corrupt thieves in the PF government. Who in their right mind would kill their own child? This is not normal but it gives a clear picture of how the sufferings of the Zambian people, perpetuated by the corrupt PF regime, is frustrating the local people and its having very awful results on the people. May the young lady Rest In Peace.

  5. @ D Bululu and 2020vision your concerns on LT reporting worries me too for the English construction of sentences and spellings leaves too much for one to desire! The legislators settled for a Grade 12 qualification and if one who becomes a reporter has to have a journalist qualification post Grade 12 and from them we get such reporting, how better off will the representatives in parliament be when a journalist can not even make proper construction of sentences?

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