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I’ll not re-contest the Kabwata Parliamentary Seat-Given Lubinda

Feature Politics I'll not re-contest the Kabwata Parliamentary Seat-Given Lubinda

Minister of Justice and Kabwata Member of Parliament has announced that he will not re-contest the Kabwata Parliamentary Seat and reaffirms his commitment to the Patriotic Front (PF).

Speaking at a media briefing this morning Mr. Lubinda said that he, however, re-contest for a seat as a PF Member of the Central Committee.

Mr Lubinda said that he has given national service for 20 years serving as an MP in Parliament, adding that he will go countrywide to campaign for His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, and for his re-election as PF member of the Central Committee.

Mr Lubinda admonished aspiring parliamentary candidates ahead of the 12 August 2021 general elections, to ensure that the number 1 campaign message is President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

He has urged members of the party to continue campaigning for President Lungu.


  1. Good question. Did the journalists at the briefing actually ask him if he did possess
    an acceptable O-level certificate? …

  2. Edgar Lungu should emulate this fine example by Lubinda. His two moribund terms as president are enough.

  3. Thank you comrade for your service and giving others a chance to lead to. Others from monze constituency think they are mp for life. Those saying comrade lubinda has no g12 are just ignorant hooligans from upnd. Go and read the achievements and the rich CV for comrade lubinda.

  4. Grade 12 and also the furnace being too hot with the way PF has become unpopular due to the deteriorating economic conditions

  5. Jumping from the pan into the fire. I have voted for Lubinda three times(15yrs) and suffice to say Kabwata is one of the most developed constituencies in Lusaka. Its important to give chance to others for fresh ideas.
    I hope he did not fear the pressure from Daniel Yenga & Clement Tembo.
    Or maybe the slaps that was administered to him at kabwata market gave him the much needed signal that his time in kabwata constituency was up.

  6. Iwe Lubinda, you never cease to mesmerize me! So you mean up until now you have not taken some time to read the constitution on your boss’s eligibility shuwa? And you are the justice minister!!

    Zambia has gone to the dogs!!

  7. Lubinda is no longer wanted in the Kabwata Constituency. He cannot not impose himself on People of Kabwata Constituency.In Politics there is Time to come and time to leave. It’s time 4 Lubinda to leave PF Constituency. ECL’s time to Rule Zambia will expire on August 12, 2021 having served for the maximum of 61/2 years. Having held Office, elected and sworn in twice ECL cannot serve for a Third Term in 2021. Legally and Constitutionally ECL cannot stand for a Third Term. If ECL imposes himself on Zambians for an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term then voters will show him the Exit Door. The writing is on the wall.

  8. Comrade lubinda has worked for various international organisations. And you are here with your birth certificate , there in diaspora as asylum seeker, saying g12 ny0 ny0. Paniy0 panu

  9. It’s day dreaming that UPND can win any parliamentary seat in Lsk, how can you even comfort yourselves that now the seat will go to UPND? Pf will wash UPND severely and I see serious defeat in almost all the provinces!

  10. What a useless argument! “He has worked for various international organizations” and that is proof he has a qualifying Grade 12! Amazing way of making conclusive determination! What denies a an office assistant or driver that has had employment with one international organization and on recommendation moved to another foreign attached institution from being grouped with Lubinda as having worked for international organizations? Mr. Lubinda even if he does not have the Grade 12 certificate he sure must be in possession of the equivalent. He’s decided he will not recontest the Kabwata seat as his personal informed decision so lets let him be as new plans that he has unfold.

  11. Well done Hon.Lubinda???.
    You have done your part others to Continue from were you have left.

    In monze someone is standing again just like Mazabuka.
    This wamuyaya altitude can be praised in upnd like no mans business.

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