Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Provincial administration pledges to support ZNBC


Southern Province Minister, Edify Hamukale has assured the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) of support from the Provincial Administration in the public broadcasters’ efforts to broaden its revenue base and stay afloat.

And Dr. Hamukale has implored ZNBC to consider leveraging on the existing infrastructure under the Zambia News and Information Services- ZANIS to reach out to potential clients in the thirteen districts of the province where the public service broadcaster has no presence.

Speaking at his office in Choma today when ZNBC Director General Malolela Lusambo paid a courtesy call on him, the Minister said the provincial administration will use its influence to ensure that ZNBC is able to benefit from the business opportunities, as the province is endowed with gigantic business entities in the Agricultural, Mining, Energy, and tourism sectors.

Dr. Hamukale has regretted that ZNBC is currently owed over 6 million Kwacha by various debtors, saying if the funds were recovered, they would give a boost to the institutions’ operations.

And Dr. Hamukale has asked ZNBC to engage the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services so that district offices under ZANIS would be utilized to market services of the national broadcaster, pointing out that this collaboration would be mutually beneficial especially that ZANIS has presence in all the districts.

‘’It would be worthwhile to explore the use of ZANIS district offices to market your products and services’, the minister said.

Earlier, ZNBC Director General Malolela Lusambo, told Dr Hamukale that he and his team are in southern province to meet among other stakeholders the business community so as to encourage them to take advantage of the concessional advertising rates the institution plans to offer to the tourism industry in Livingstone amidst the Covid 19 challenges.

The Director General who is accompanied by ZNBC head of Cooperate affaires Annie Mukabe said the public broadcaster is aware of the current challenges facing the tourism sector due to reduced foreign tourist inflow, hence the need to leverage on domestic tourism.


  1. GR’s PF Still using papers ???

    not a computer in sight ……….

    thats why they want to clamp down on cyber space…

  2. Diamond TV, how can you ask the Matero PF constituency if Miles Sampa has been endorsed as MP for Matero, if such a thing happened it would be his candidature and not him being endorsed, and you should have also challenged Ntewewe that public order act can not only be amended using bill 10, there are other ways as well, it can even be amended on its own out of Bill 10 so that should not be used as an excuse

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