Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Lusaka man nabbed


Police in Solwezi has arrested a 49 year old man of Kabulonga township in Lusaka for threatening violence.

Derrick Kalipinde is alleged to have threatened to shoot Martin Kabengele aged 35, with a pistol at Georgies lodge in Kalumbila district.

North-western Province Commissioner of Police, Joel Njase has confirmed the incident that to ZANIS in Solwezi today.

“Bus Terminus Police Post is in receipt of a case of threatening violence in which Martin Kabengele of U2 Sumbu compound, reported that he was threatened to be shot with a nine millimeter pistol serial number t 6368-19 b 00060 with four ammunitions by Derrick Kalipinde of plot number 292 off Kubu road Kabulonga, Lusaka,” he explained.

He stated that Police managed to recover the pistol which had four rounds of ammunition.

Mr Njase said the motive behind will be established once statements are recorded from the suspect and the victim.

The incident happened on March 22, 2021 around 15:30 hours at Georgies Lodge in Kalumbila district.


  1. Kabwalala what are you going around with guns out of Lusaka? Ku Solwezi? Sounds like Enze uko doing illegal activities. Weak like KZ brandishing guns ati I have a black belt? Nigga please!

  2. If that boy thinks he can threaten people then bring him to me so that I phuck him up and beat some sense in him . These upnd cadres are a problem

  3. What is Kaizar COVID Zulu doing in Solwezi….he is still shooting innocent people in Lodges this makaka pompwe Dunderhead

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