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Govt to encourage people driven investment agenda


Government says it is encouraging the participation of the people in propelling the much-needed investment agenda in a number of sectors.

Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary said the local participation in development is indicated in several government policies including the 7th National development Plan.

He said this in a speech read on his behalf by Ministry of Finance Assistant Director Economic Management Sichizyuwe Musokotwana during the opening of the Canisius cooperative in Lusaka today.

Mr Chikuba said the establishment of the Canisius Cooperative can easily serve as a vehicle for investments which would in turn provide members and the country at large with necessary wealth for sustainable livelihoods.

He stated that the Cooperative will create the much-needed jobs as indicated by President Edgar Lungu in the job creation strategy that was launched a few years ago.

The Permanent Secretary said the Cooperative initiative will also aid the country to attain the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that Zambia has chosen to pursue.

Mr Chikuba added that the initiative will supplement government’s efforts and initiatives of providing access to affordable finance for the people to invest in different business spheres.

“The journey that famous billionaires took could not be different from the one you are embarking on with this Cooperative. I assure you that government will give you all the necessary support to assist you realize your dream,” he said.

He indicated that government has remained resolved to continue with the diversification of the Zambian economy to a broad based and sustainable economy.

He explained that a sustainable economy will be resilient to financial or economic shocks whether domestic or external.

“We see the establishment of initiatives like yours to be one of the answers to supporting the diversification agenda,” he said.

Mr Chikuba encouraged other alumni associations to emulate what the Canisius Savings and Credit Cooperative has done, saying it is an inspiring initiative that others should consider to follow.

And Canisuis Savings and Credit Cooperative Chairperson Victor Mapani said the initiative to start the Cooperative started as a WhatsApp group for business for the Canisuis Alumni last year.

Mr Mapani said the meeting to formulate the cooperative has been done virtually and no physical meeting has been conducted.

He explained that the Cooperative consists of former Canisius students, teachers and workers.

Mr Mapani added that a Cooperative started with only ten people but the numbers have increased as people have started to gain interest and confidence.

He thanked government for showing interest and for the support towards the launch of the Cooperative.


  1. Even the same PS can not read his own speech as he is attending to important matters and he knows this is just rhetoric of a govt panicking in the 12th hour.

  2. we are at my mansion tonight in lusaka celebrating the cyber bill which my boss assented today. It’s a glorious day. We are drinking some expensive shlt. If you are a patriot and support our government and its agenda then you are more than welcome to come and drink with me with some of my f00lish friends. Just remember to bring your mask for the fayce. If you are a upnd tribalist then come here if you want me to break your face

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    You should try your best not to take anything trolls say seriously. No matter how poorly they behave, remember these people spend countless unproductive hours trying to make people mad. They’re not worth your time of day.

  4. President Lungu’s government has created several platforms for Zambians so that through hard work and dedication people can improve their standard of living.

  5. President Lungu is a smart man! He emphasizes job creation strategies so that talented and skilled people can take benefit of it. He even provided empowerment funds to youths for their businesses. What else people want from the President?

  6. No haters can stop President Lungu from wining the August elections. Hence, there will be continuous development in Zambia.

  7. We are not far from the day when there will be a 100% literacy rate in Zambia under the leadership of President Lungu. We can see the future of this nation.

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