Seven arrested for medicinal related offences – ZAMRA


Zambia Medicine Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) has arrested three businessmen of Chipata District in Eastern Province and charged for two counts of obtaining unapproved medicine (Ivermectin) from unauthorized suppliers.

This is contrary to Section 58 (2) (c) of the Medicines and Allied Substances Act (No.3) of 2013 of the laws of Zambia.

In a statement issued to the media by ZAMRA Senior Public Relations Officer Christabel Lliamupu, the suspects have been arrested for selling medicine (Ivermectin) without marketing authorization issued by the Authority contrary to Section 39 (1) of the Medicines and Allied Substances Act No.3 of 2013.

“Iqbal Mohamed Motala, male aged 32 years, Ismail Adam Suleman, male aged 68 years, and Manohar Kamble, male aged 33 years have since been arrested and will appear in court soon,” she said.

Mrs. Lliamupu stated that four more people have been arrested in Kalumbila District in North Western Province for operating Pharmacies without certificates of registration contrary to Section 14 (1) of the Medicines and Allied Substances Act No. 3 of 2013.

“These include, Kenneth Kandela, male aged 24 years, Kangwa Tambuzai, male aged 36 years, Manner Kayombo, male aged 23 years, and Elizabeth Kimpende, male aged 23years. The four have been detained at Kyawama Police Station and will appear in court soon,” she said.

She urged members of the public to refrain from obtaining and sale of unapproved medicines from unauthorized suppliers, including illegal operation of drug stores in order to ensure that public health and safety are safeguarded and protected.


  1. Is Lungu’s right hand man that he gave a $17 million contract among them? All these thieves are Lungu’s proxies. Lungu needs to be arrested after the elections and thrown in prison before being executed for crimes he has committed.

  2. In some countries ivermectin is already among the drugs of first choice for the management of corona. Numerous research papers have proven its effectiveness against the virus. ZAMRA has however decided to do clinical trials to gauge its effectiveness before prescribing the same. In so doing, they have delayed the availability of a potenrially life-saving medicine. A medicine which has a track record of 40years for safety and effectiveness in humans.

    They have however accepted a vaccine that has a track record of less than a year, which has insufficient data of long term safety and effectiveness in humans. They will not be doing clinical trials with the vaccines. They will vaccinate, enmass.

    They have also rejected the research data from our highly scientifically-capable…

  3. Some thives have no shame. Kaizar Zulu is the biggest theif of all times from a Salary of Polical Advisor to President he managed to have a millions of Dollars. Explain to us Zambians how you made these millions of Dollars. You had no business when you came in Government so tell us the miracle?
    Why did the Late Sata fire you and ask ECL. If someone is be fired by ECL means that person stole very big

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