Cornelius Mweetwa says he he will not re-contest his seat

UPND party Spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa
UPND party Spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa

The newly appointed United Party for National Development (UPND) Spokesperson and Choma Central Constituency Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa have announced that he will not recontest his seat in the August 2021 General Election.

Mr. Mweetwa joins another high-profile parliamentarian from the ruling party, Given Lubinda, in deciding to give a chance to the other upcoming Politicians. Mr Mweetwa told s told ZNBC News that he wants to leave room for other young people but will concentrate on campaigning for the UPND.

The Choma Lawmaker said there are a number of young people who are capable of taking over from him.

Mr. Mweetwa has however denied assertions that he has failed to deliver in his constituency hence the decision not to recontest his seat.

He said delegates who attended the UPND conference would not have voted for him if he has failed to perform as a Member of Parliament.


  1. I agree 2 terms should be enough for MPs. As for Cornelius bith him and Gary Nkumbu have been underperfoming as MPs, we should not be blind to the fact that even if one supports UPND there are opportunists in the party, people who have the exact same set as the Kaizer Zulus of this world and such people mean no good for this nation and I hope HH is wise enough to realise this and isolate such people, if he isnt then Heaven help us for we might end up with a very repressive, corrupt and divisive regime should UPND win.

  2. To those of us who have been in politics for years and understand political psychology, we know that this is the only way frustrated upnd members can show their displeasure and lack of confidence in that dictator under 5 leader, HH. The party membere know that as long as hh remains upnd leader they will never win. So can we also be told what hh will do after he loses this year. Is he going to stand for the 100th time,? The entire upnd are all so dull that only hh has the capability to rule? Words fail me

  3. One term is enough for All Mps.As
    They make enough in one term.
    Let them give chance to others
    Who can also take share of the state cake.look at the wealth they
    Have accumulated.

  4. A personal decision that should not invite any speculations for the MP by his word has implied that Zambia is not short of capable leaders and two terms if its all a president needs to implement his/her vision/agenda then why not MP’s? Who knows now that both Mweetwa and Lubinda not being in parliament may end up with them being more effective on the national agenda! Being MP is a sure quick way to amass wealth and had term limit been imposed a lot more would have been through the mill ending up with enough resources for investments and Zambia would have been boasting of Zambian owned industries employing Zambians. Indeed its a relay race Mr. Mweetwa has done well for he now can serve the country in another capacity.

  5. What I remember is that on 2 occasions funds meant for the construction of the new Provincial Offices at Choma went back to the Treasury unutilized because Cornelius Mweetwa didn’t play his as area MP to facilitate the allocation of land for the project. It took Obvious Mwaliteta as Provincial Minister at the time to confront Mweetwa at Parliament Building to force him to append his signature to the documents to complete the requirement to de-gazette the old Choma airport. Anyway, leadership must evolve. People should learn to give chance to others. Most of the politicians want to leave office only after they lose elections which they still claim were unfair. I hope many long serving MPs like Jack Mwiimbu will emulate Mweetwa. What does Jack Mwiimbu want to do for Monze that he hasn’t…

  6. You should try your best not to take anything trolls say seriously. No matter how poorly they behave, remember these people spend countless unproductive hours trying to make people mad. They’re not worth your time of the day.

  7. I do not advocate term limits. If we had truly free and fair elections there would be no need for term limits. The PEOPLE would decide the term limit for underperforming dead wood politicians. But the greed, corruption and tendency to remain in power at all costs regardless of whether the person has ran the economy aground, crippled the country with debt and impoverished his people, shrank democratic space with arbitrary arrest of citizens and run rough shod over the rights and freedoms of individuals, and allowed corruption to permeate every fabric of society while denying its existence, is WHY only the constitutional limit on terms can save the country.

  8. Jack Mwiimbu of Monze Central constituency makes it 20 years this year as MP Shame on him because he will contest again. Garry Nkombo 15 years already this year as MP for mazabuka central shame on you

  9. Cornelius Mweetwa has his own reasons not to re-contest his Seat. The World Over and here in Zambia there are no statutory limits for MPs. As long as Constituencies are re-electing their MPs there is no problem there. Given Lubinda was no longer wanted in Kabwata as an MP so he decided not to embarrass himself by Standing. Clearly PF was not going to adopt him becoz he is blamed for Bill 10 failure. It is not known whether People of Central Choma no longer wanted Mweetwa as an MP. To those who were watching Parliamentary Proceedings Hon Cornelius Mweetwa was a Vocal and very effective MP while Given Lubinda was no longer fit for service as an MP to PF.

  10. MPs don’t have Term Limits like Presidents do under the current Republican Constitution. Its the decision of the MP whether to stand or not. The Party to which an MP belongs can decide whether or not to adopt a seating MP. In the Case of Hon Cornelius Mweetwa, UPND can decide to adopt him 4 the 3rd Term if the Party thinks its in its best interest. The Constituency can also appeal to the Party to retain Hon Mweetwa as an MP. In the Case of Lubinda, PF indicated that it was not going to adopt him this time around. If Lubinda so wishes he can stand as an Independent MP if he feels he has support from Kabwata Constituency.

  11. And everyone believed that he will not recentest. When Given Lubinda announced I believed him not this tribal camp. Mweetwa, Garry, Mwiimbu are what makes UPND. UPND is failing to fill position and you expect the like of Mweetwa not to re-contest.

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