Thursday, June 13, 2024

Government has not neglected KK


Government says reports in some sections of the media that it has neglected to take care of Dr Kenneth Kaunda are incorrect.

Ministry of Works and Supply Spokesman Ndubi Mvula was reacting to reports that there has been water shortages at Dr Kaunda’s residence in New Kasama.

“As you may be aware, Government through the Ministry responsible for Works and Supply, do appreciate the water challenges that has affected the residence of the First Republican President, His Excellency Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. Contrary to reports appearing in some sections of the media that there has been persistent water shortage at the residence, we would like to state that the subject in question is not as purported to be,” says Mr Mvula.

Mr Mvula said the Ministry received the report of water challenges from the Administrative Officer in the Office of the First Republican President in the evening of Friday, March 26th 2021. Immediately, measures were put in motion to rectify the shortcoming.

“As at now, both short and long term measures have since been instituted in the quest to keep the residence with the constant supply of fresh water.”


  1. If in the media, then its true. The rebuttal from PF government does not negate of its negligence of the founding father Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

  2. @KCI,
    Lucky you, the message you are trying to put across is NOT EVEN CLEAR and not understandable.
    But please, you will do more good for yourself, if you stay away from any negative comments against “big man” KK. So stop any nonsense against this man.

  3. I agree. He gets his pension and he might as well spend it on fixing the pump. KK is a rich pensioner. His former service chiefs are having it hard.

  4. You pay for the Head of the Commonwealth, you pay for PF thugs who are distributing the taxpayers money for them to be re-elected again, you DONT say a thing !!!!, yet you have the guts to not care about your own father of the Nation.
    George Bush, Clinton, Obama….all of them do get government funding.
    So, be reasoble with your criticism.

  5. Wht is to own a house? Owners of property pay for the cost of ownership. Kaunda it seems is meant to enjoy only the benefits of owning the house. This is not real life but utopia.

    OR IS ITB SELECTIVE Amnesia ???

  7. He receives a pension. Why can’t he pay for the cost of repairing the water pump at his house? This is why we are poor in Zambia. We believe that only ex-leaders deserve a comfortable retirement.

  8. How can government spend money repairing a water pump at a property it doesn’t own? There should be an audit query over this expenditure of government money.

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