Thursday, July 25, 2024

U-turn: Cornelius Mweetwa changes his mind over Choma Central seat


UPND Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says he has rescinded his earlier decision not to recontest the Choma Parliamentary seat in the forthcoming elections.

And Mr Mweetwa says his campaign machinery would soon be rolling out into Choma to kick start his campaign in readiness for the 12th August general elections.

Mr Mweetwa, announced, Sunday, that he had decided not recontest the Choma seat so that he could concentrate on campaigning for party leader, Hakainde Hichilema ahead of general elections slated for 12th August.

But addressing a media briefing at the UPND secretariat in Lusaka on Tuesday, Mr. Mweetwa clarified that his decision has been arrived at as a result of calls from youths in the party, women’s groups, members of the Diaspora, young politicians, senior statesmen, traditional leaders and the general citizenry whom he said have made endless pleas for him to rescind his decision.

He stated that the huge political and media firestorm that his statement sparked for the past two days was a clear indication that the people of Zambia in general and Choma in particular were not ready to forego his contributions to the country’s political dispensation.

He has dispelled speculations that his earlier decision had been prompted by various issues such as lack of a Grade 12 Certificate, loss of political ground in Choma or that he had been bought by PF as unfounded and fallacy.

He has since thanked MPs from both the ruling and opposition political circles and Ministers in the PF who rejected his decision not to recontest his seat.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mweetwa has thanked former Information and Publicity Secretary Charles Kakoma who defected to the ruling PF for the services he rendered to the UPND during the 22 years that the party has been in existence.


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha . When I told you yesterday that upnd are clueless people who don’t know whether they are coming or going, I wasn’t lying. Imagine the uncertainty if these under 5 were in power. They would wake up one day and make rules then next day change them haha

  2. A sign that HH will not move into state house. Our MP was hoping to get back to parliament through a nomination by President HH. Now he has realised that HH will not win the presidential. So he has to fight for the seat otherwise no more honorable after August .

  3. THE TROLL keeps learning more and more about less and less now he knows everything about nothing
    He may talk like a f00l and act like a f00l, but don’t get the wrong idea about him — he is a f00l

  4. Kaiza my youngman , look this guy is one of Zambia hard working Law makers or MPs , so we all still need
    his courage even to talk off the Head of the House for misleading Parliament and I know some of you where happy .

    So just wait and see how it goes

  5. So the same youths he wanted to give a chance are the ones that have ask him to go back. Maybe the chiefs I can believe. Just say that UPND will not manage to have enough people to contest all the available seats. Members are either going to PF or refusing to contest outside southern province. Muzoka’s daughter has run away from Munali and has gone to were regional politics are practiced.

  6. Honourable Mweetwa is a true politician, infact more than HH. However, HH is more famous than hon Mweetwa. Therefore, HH needs Mweetwa and Mweetwa needs HH.

  7. I totally support your decision Cornelius. You are still very young and vibrant. Even if HH does not win it is still alright. Checks and balances are healthy for a democracy

  8. This is the 6th time HH is trying to get to Plot 1. He failed the first 5 times. I doubt he will make it this time. I just hope the current president won’t make it either – he is a disaster for Zambia

  9. Hard working MPs who have served more than 10 years, WE still need in parliament, we just can’t get rid of all old timers because we want new blood, imagine a all new comers parliament can’t just imagine the chaos due to lack of experienced folks to guide them on parliamentary etiquette.

  10. These are cracks inside UPND at this critical junction. They do it to themselves everytime when the general election is about to come.

    It appears like HH has begged him to recontest Because it was not looking good to have two senior MP’s, one defecting to PF. Then the standing down.

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