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Nursing school gets bus empowerment

General News Nursing school gets bus empowerment

Solwezi Catholic Diocese Bishop Charles Kasonde has thanked government for procuring a bus, to ease transport challenges at Luwi collage of nursing in Mwinilunga district.

Bishop Kasonde said the church appreciates the gesture government has made in trying to supplement efforts towards service delivery at the nursing school.

The Bishop said this when he received the bus on behalf of Luwi collage of nursing in Solwezi today.

“We are so thankful to the government for this gesture. The bus will improve service delivery and the nursing school,” he said.

Bishop Kasonde explained that the nursing school and the hospital in Ntambu area of Mwinilunga district, is an appreciation to the people in the area, through providing them with quality health care services.

Handing over the bus, North-western Province Permanent Secretary, Willies Mangimela urged the students and school management to safeguard the bus.

Mr Mangimela said the bus has been procured at a great cost hence the need for the beneficiaries to use it for its intended purpose.

“Let us look after this bus very well. Luwi is very far, hiring a bus is very costly so now that you have your own bus look after it well so that you provide quality services to the people,” he advised.

Acting Principal Tutor, Sister Chrisphine Kamwanga thanked government for the transport, saying for the past three years the college relied on hired transport for student’s mobility.

Sr. Kamwanga said it was very challenging to run an institution without proper transport.


  1. How is this a donation in the first place?

    Government should make sure hospitals have facilities, including general transportation.

    Next, the PF will start saying Lungu has donated nurses and teachers.

    Vote wisely.

  2. This is not a donation its just government fulfilling one of the functions that it is mandated to do. It’s like thanking your employer for a donation when he pays your salary.

  3. “Bishop Kasonde said the church appreciates the gesture government has made in trying to supplement efforts towards service delivery at the nursing school.”
    This is what govt is there for…you pay tax and they are supposed to provide that it not like they are donating its their obligation and please this is not empowerment …let’s stop this stupidity.

  4. So everything now where government plays its role in facilitation of institutions work is deemed “empowerment?” I have noted how of late “empowerment” has become a buzz word! Give your wife cash for domestic use means you have empowered empowered her!


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