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Muchinga endorse President Lungu for April convention


The Patriotic Front (PF) in Muchinga Province, has described the just ended provincial interviews for all aspiring candidates wishing to stand on the party ticket, as a big success.

And the ruling party in the province has endorsed President Edgar Lungu as its sole candidate in the fourth coming National Convention slated for 10-11 April this year.

In an interview with ZANIS in Chinsali today, Acting PF Provincial Chairperson, Justine Mutale, said the interviews went on well without any interruptions and all the candidates pledged to support those who will be adopted by the party.

“We have had very successful interviews at the provincial level held in Mpika where we interviewed those wishing to stand as Members of Parliament, Mayors, council chairpersons, and councillors. Am happy to inform you that all the candidates who took part in the interviews have pledged to support those that will be adopted by the party,” said Mr Mutale.

He said the interviews looked at various issues such as the popularity of the candidate on the ground, his or her interaction levels with the lower organs of the party, education background as well as the standing with the party, among others.

“We do not want to make any mistake to adopt a candidate that is not popular on the ground and this why we took time through our various channels to assess the popularity of each candidate on the ground and we have since made our submission to the Central Committee,” said Mr Mutale.

He further said the party is set to deliver a victory for President Edgar Lungu and all the candidates that will be adopted to stand on the party ticket in the fourth coming general election.

And Mr Mutale who is also Chinsali Mayor, said the province has endorsed President Edgar Lungu as its sole presidential candidate during the fourth coming National Convention this month.

He stated that President Lungu has managed well the affairs of the party and the country at large despite many challenges as a result of the COVID -19 pandemic which is ravaging the world.

“As a party in Muchinga Province, we have endorsed the candidature of President Edgar Lungu as our sole candidate in the fourth coming National Convention slated for this month,” said Mr Mutale.



  2. Muchinga Province can endorse ECL but the Republican Constitution currently bars ECL from contesting the 2021 Elections 4 the Third Time. What if Concourt refuses to endorse ECL for a Third Term? ECL held Office for the first time and was elected and sworn in in 2015 for his first Term in terms of the 1996 Amended Constitution. The remaining period b4 Parliament was to be dissolved was 18 months. This means that ECL was elected and sworn in for a Term of 18 Months. In 2016 ECL held Office for the second time and was elected and sworn in for the second time which means ECL cannot stand in 2021 for a Third Term. We leave this to Concourt to interpret, defend and enforce the Republican Constitution. We hope and pray that Concourt will deal with the ECL Eligibility Petitions in a…

  3. Mujinga in Kiswahili means ” f.o.o.l” or a person with intellectual deficiency. So why endorse Lungu who’s brought Zambia’s economy to its knees Muchinga people?

  4. See the ones eating well and if you see the voters you will be shocked they come from the same country. Endorsement for more stealing and to completely collapse the nation

  5. Why do the leaders both in Ruling and Opposition allow this stupidity of endorsements…they are the problem!!

  6. What Lungu needs is an endorsement for a Third Term from Concourt. We want to see how Concourt will enterpret Article 106 (3) of the Republican Constitution and what it will mean for Zambia’s Constitutional Democracy post August 12,2021.

  7. I respect their decisions but have the Muchinga people probed the economic indicators used to measure an economy which have been in negative even before covid came to Zambia.

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