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President Lungu empowers over 50 Lusangazi cooperatives


President Edgar Lungu has empowered more than 50 cooperatives in Lusangazi District of Eastern Province with various materials to boost their capital.

The Edgar Chagwa Lungu Multipurpose Empowerment Cooperative today distributed poultry requisites, bales of second hand clothes, sewing machines, block making machines, roofing sheets and cement.

This is in addition to assorted groceries for shop businesses and farming inputs among others.

ECL Multipurpose Empowerment Cooperative delegation leader Fuli Msimuko said the Presidential empowerment was aimed at improving the lives of the vulnerable people in the country.

ZANIS reports that Mr Msimuko said the team was Lusangazi to respond to deliver the empowerment that various cooperatives in the area had applied for under the ECL multipurpose empowerment cooperative.

Mr Msimuko disclosed that the delegation was on the ground to counter check information on the cooperatives that had applied for the empowerment.

“The President has sent us to come and verify what you sent to Lusaka on the cooperatives that would benefit from the ECL empowerment so that we give you the things you had applied for,” he said.

Mr Msimuko added that President Lungu wants everyone to benefit from the empowerment and better their lives and urged the beneficiaries to put the empowerment into good use.

And ECL empowerment member, Barringtone Zulu said the delegation has given chance to the beneficiaries to select what kind of empowerment they want if they were not satisfied with what they had earlier applied for.

“Our coming here is also to give chance to the applicants of the ECL empowerment to select what businesses they feel comfortable to venture in if they were not satisfied with what they had earlier applied for,” he said.

And Lusangazi District Commissioner, Goodwin Sekelani Phiri said President Lungu has a heart for all Zambians and that was why he has empowered in the area.

“The President loves everyone and that is why he is giving you the empowerment so that it sustains your lives,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sharon Zulu from Mutu Women’s Club thanked President Lungu for empowering them with farming inputs saying this would better the lives of many people as the group members would now be able to generate their own income and support their families.

Another beneficiary, Vaida Phiri from Sipalingana Women’s Club, also expressed gratitude to the head of state for empowering her group with capital for poultry business, saying the empowerment will benefit group members and also meet the needs of their families.

“The President has done a good thing and I thank him for the empowerment as it will sustain our lives by meeting so many needs that we have,” she said.


  1. The man has been in power for more than 7 years and when elections are near he starts bribing voters with their money under “The Edgar Chagwa Lungu Multipurpose Empowerment Cooperative” no shame no vision just clueless

  2. Why all this sudden flood of “Lungu empowerments ” which is actually voter bribery coming at election time? Its improper,corrupt ,socially corrosive and unethical.

  3. @FakeKaizer, you spend your energy concentrating on the diaspora. I hope you do realize we diasporas do not sleep hungry. Your priorities are misplaced. Perhaps, they’re tucked away somewhere with your real name. BTW, I hope the weather in the UK this time of the year is treating well? Get a life.

  4. “The Edgar Chagwa Lungu Multipurpose Empowerment Cooperative.” The problem with stolen money is that it does not allow you to keep quiet. Keep on dishing out money Mr. President. There are record keepers taking note(s). The day of reckoning is coming. You will have to account for this miracle wealth you have acquired on a Presidential salary. It is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. I do not hate you. I despise what you and your kind have done to my country.

  5. Iwe Kaizer, most of us have no political affiliation but know poor leadership or should I say lack of leadership when we see it. Lungu is in my bottom 2 presidents in the world. He is a clueless leader with no vision. He cannot create jobs. Shame on him, Bowman and youu.

  6. Stealing Taxpayer’s Money and calling it Presidential Empowerment is deceit. The ECL Govt is Printing and borrowing Money recklessly to buy votes. ECL is dishing out money to buy votes all over but failing to Service interest to Eurobond Holders. This level Money Supply in the Economy is fueling inflation and hence prices of goods and services have skyrocketed making Cost of living unaffordable and life unbearable. With this level of dishing Money in the Economy ECL thinks People are living well. Giving ECL another 5 years of misrule, mismanagement, corruption etc is as good as committing economic and Financial suicide by Zambians. To be warned is to be forewarned.

  7. KZ, the most corrupt PF diasporan…. always complaining about UPND diasporans while he is hiding in UK! Sincerely hope you stay there, saves another cell in Lusaka Central Prison come August 13!

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