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I didn’t file in my nomination papers, I understand the importance of respecting rule of law-KBF


Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube popularly known has said that he did not file his nomination papers for the party presidency of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) in view of the PF General Assembly scheduled for today because he understood the importance of adhering to the rule of law.

Speaking in a press briefing that was streamed live on the Diamond TV Facebook page yesterday, Mr. Fube said that, following several calls from some people questioning as to whether he was going to file in his nomination in readiness for the forthcoming PF General Conference,
he had opted to stay away from lodging his application of the party presidency because he understands the importance of adhering to the rule of law, adding that he has no intention to engage in any form of violence because the vice might result in the shedding of innocent blood.

“I want to state to the nation that I have decided not to lodge my application despite being a member of the Patriotic Front. I have stated on several occasions and various platforms about the importance of adhering to the rule of law,” Mr Fube said said.

He added that he has no intention to engage in any form of violence because the vice might result into shedding of innocent blood.

The ruling Patriotic Front party is scheduled to hold its General Conference on the 10th and 11th April, 2021, to choose a party president and Members of the Central Committee ahead of this year’s August 12 General Elections.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu filed in his nomination which went unopposed.


  1. Small fly and a total IDlOT.
    Coward piece of scum
    He’s all hot air
    A barking dog with no action barking dog
    Retarded so called lawyer
    KBF does the F stand for fieces?

  2. Adhering to the law? Who illegitimately engineered & forcefully shoved down ECL’s presidency on the Zambian people? Selective amnesia ba KBF. Just go back & beg for forgiveness like all spineless puppets, CK, GBM, miles & now you.

  3. I am not a fun of KBF but PF needs to seriously reconsider his view on ECL’s Eligibility. The best way is to allow Concourt to Objectively and Professionally interpret Article 106(3) of the Republican Constitution. Concourt after hearing and determining the Petitions must openly Rule whether or not ECL is legible for 2021 Elections. Unless this is done ECL’s Presidency will be declared null and void and therefore illegitimate by Election Observers. Its important for ECL to get a legal and Constitutional endorsement from Zambia Concourt.

  4. KBF is a typical example of how stupid and selfish the Zambian Politician is …these are the same people who worked tirelessly through whatever means possible to have Lazy Lungu adopted as PF President because they thought they would manipulate this humble lazy shy visionless drunkard. This is also similar with the laws PF MPs are backing ignorantly like Cyber security bill

  5. IT – this is a shamelesssly crude summary of what he said. If you watch his press briefing you will note that the core of his message was actually that he thought ECL was engaging in illegality by standing and that there was violence awaiting him if he had made an effort to go and lodge his nomination. Just mentioning – not that I think he is a consequential character anyway.

  6. KBF. You are a sh!t lawyer for starters. You are not a member of PF, so why bother about their affairs? Just form your own party or join some alliance. We are tired of useless 1d!0t$ like you

  7. This thieving Mufulira Lawyer…he is a big crook…he stole my late brother’s money way back in 2003….He was disbarred because of his mischievousness…KBF is a scum…his office used to be at EW Tarry along cairo road….half baked Lawyer just big mouth for nothing

  8. Useless makaka Bandit Lawyer…no wonder you belong to PF…birds of the same further…..KBF and Lungu same Bandit Lawyers….KBF is a thief just like Edgar Lungu

  9. Maybe it is starting to sink in that he has no support in the party. If kbf really wants to be president there is nothing stopping him from opening his own party or joining upnd. Oh I forgot,only a Tonga can rule upnd Haha.

    Let kbf concentrate on dealing with his delinquent son in diaspora. While our president deals with managing our country.

  10. No sympathy for KBF.
    KBF was at the helm of the scheme that manipulated the PF constitution and made Edgar Lungu the PF President in 2015.
    Holding a parallel Convention and waking up Judges after midnight to get favours.
    Edgar Lungu is now using the same KBF tricks with the ConCourt to go for a third term in August 2021.
    KBF you are part of the problem.

  11. KBF was just a smoke screen for PF, he has been talking huge during the past months yet he knew he had no firm ground or support at the grassroot level and now talking about shading blood. Things are easier said than done. Now I agree with what Tutwa Ngulube said. The chapter is closed. Its ECL and PF kaya until 2026?

  12. All Zambian politicians are c@&ts including the useless and visionless Lungu. Why does he want a third term when he has done is £&@&£ in the past five years. People of Zambia wake up now, you are being treated as mugs. How can you be led by mediocre leaders and still accept.
    I blame the education system that does not promote critical analysis but promotes docility.

  13. I doubt if KBF was brave enough he would have gone ahead to challenge ECL without hiding into the notion that he was avoiding shading blood on what basis when the gathering is all about the PF family. That is why democracy will never thrive in Zambia. Its all about the party in power which holds the kasaka ka mahafu. Sometimes I wonder why we did away with one party participatory democracy.

  14. I don’t think I have kind words for those that pressured KK to return to multiparty politics! Zambians deserve the One Party participatory democracy. A system like in China where the change of leadership uses a succession system. In Zambia there is no longer seriousness thus the glorification of mediocrity! Too many chickens and they crow in the morning to awaken people from sleep at a rather too early an hour so that people panic looking to a busy day ahead but by end of day their crowing is not meant to invite you to sleep but tell you what a wasted day!

  15. Just a thought, what would happen to anyone trying to challenge HH at the convention? Imagine there was a KBF scenario in UPND, wouldn’t the outcome be the same. I remember Sakwiba Sikota had a tough time at a UPND convention one time, there was some sort of psychological violence against him for reasons best known to UPND and it’s base. Kavindele was another one under UNIP….So people don’t laugh at KBF. He is just protecting his interests. If he falls into the mud no one will fish him out! I’m not even surprised by Kambwili’s behaviour of late. When he was incarcerated for a few days and his family humiliated, everyone was laughing and mocking him instead of offering support. KBF understands Zambian politics.

  16. @Mutale. Yes KBF or any Citizen may petition ECL’s Eligibility at Concourt but Concourt has no moral courage, objectivity and Professionalism to hear those ECL Eligibility Petitions. Concourt is likely to technically dismiss those Petitions and grant ECL a Third Term even if it is illegal and unconstitutional. 2021 Election is a Referendum on ECL’s Third Term Bid and it will be up to Voters to send ECL “ku wire”. If voters fail to do this then life will be miserable for Zambians under an illegitimate ECL Govt, possibly under International Sanctions.The writing is on the wall.

  17. I think KBF has stated clearly his reasons. Let’s respect that and move on. Showering him with unpalatable words is not fair. We must be above board at all times. This will build a united country than insults that some tend to throw at anyone that has a different opinion to theirs. KBF, wish you well in your endeavours.

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