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Kasama Mayor wants to have Sex Workers Integrated back into Society


Kasama Mayor, Fredrick Chisanga has called for the full integration of sex workers into society.

Mr. Chisanga noted that there is a need for people to also end discrimination against sex workers but enable them realise their potential.

Speaking when he officially opened a one-day stakeholder’s workshop in Kasama organized by USAID, Mr Chisanga noted with sadness that sex workers remain stigmatized, marginalized and criminalized by the society they live in.

Mr Chisanga noted that the reintegration of these groups of people will help to reduce transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

“The meeting could not have come at a better time than now when the local authority is empowering women in different spheres in an effort to eradicate poverty,” he added.

Mr Chisanga further noted that such empowerment will enable women to be self-reliant.

And speaking on behalf of the participants, Priscilla Banda thanked USAID for embarking on the project to reintegrate sex workers into society.

Ms. Banda expressed happiness that this will help protect and uphold the rights of adolescent girls and young women against sexual and gender based violence.

Earlier, District Avencion Lead facilitator, Phil Chipanta disclosed that the project which is being implemented in six provinces is targeting adolescent girls and young women, people living with HIV and mobile populations among others.

“The project works with communities and adolescent girls and young women to prevent HIV, unwanted pregnancy and sexual and gender based violence,” Mr Chipanta added.

He further revealed that the project aspect includes economic strengthening of the adolescent girls and young women as a strategy to counter vulnerability which exposes them to HIV.

The workshop attracted participants from the business sector, civil society organisations and the local government.


  1. Was he speaking under pressure or what? What about being proud to have a sister or daughter who is a prostitute?

  2. KZ is their number one customer how is he going to survive because no beautiful lady can accept that ugliness

  3. The Mayor has got wrong information, the super spreaders of HIV/AIDS aren’t sex workers but married men and school girls. Sex workers and their clients adequately protect themselves whenever they engage. HIV/AIDS prevalence among married women and students is quite high. In females it’s present from 9yr olds while in males it begins around 17yr olds. This explains that girls start sex early and they do it with elderly men. Few men with money infect more women. If we fight poverty then we’ll reduce HIV/AIDS prevalence not what the Mayor is talking about. When you’ve money all categories of women bring themselves to you. Even at 17yrs few males would’ve had sex experience because they’re not yet earning any money to pay for it. You’re likely to get HIV from your student girlfriend or…

  4. You’re likely to get HIV from your student girlfriend or your workmate or your neighbor’s wife and not from a sex worker. Ask KZ as he knows these things. Sometimes even your own promiscuous wife or husband can give it to you

  5. We are a Christian nation. As such,integration should involve prayers and rehabilitation by the church for these women. We need to dip them in holy water to cleanse them. Once that is done we can then see how to get them back into the formal job market. This is not diaspora where such evils are legalised like in Holland. Some of you upnd diasporans due to being black can only get sex when you have paid for it. The whlte people there think you are dirty.

  6. What Christian nation has such high levels of corruption,political lies aplenty and a thriving sex industry? That’s some serious BS.

  7. Ba Mayor Fredrick Chisanga, please address the problem of pedophillia in the country. I would love to be the first to expose one wicked Zambian man in Lusaka who has sexually abused 100’s of minors. He is married and has two grown up coloured daughters the 3rd child some years back. The man has defiled most of the young girls that has crossed his path, from kids that sell sweet potatos, grilled maize cobs, roasted groundnuts, mushrooms along Zambian major highways to small school girls in the compounds, even his minor female cousins, older cousins daughters, their freinds and friends friends, his late brothers and sisters grandchildren, male cousins wives , married and single women and street workers. If a female relative visits the family he wakes up at night when everyone is…

  8. ..sleeping and crawls on his k n e e s to the b e d r o o m where a female relative is sleeping alone to go and s e x u a l l y abuse her, while his w i f e is asleep in another b e d r o o m.

  9. “It is only through a careful study of mythology, history, religion and philosophy, one realizes that Prostitution is not the oldest profession in the world. Politics is. Both of them, however, are intricately interrelated, just like twin sisters.

    The only stark difference between the two is; while prostitutes only sell their bodies, the politicians sell their souls (…as well).”

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