Saturday, February 24, 2024

UPND Manifesto Launch in Pictures



  1. Ba Kambwili nangu bamita nangu iyo tapali ifyo mwingatweba. Mwalikula umukoshi abanenu bakula umutwe eco mwabela bapompwe nangu mwaletuka ba Lungu kanshi pompwe mukulu niwe, ukulingana na ba ACC.

  2. Ba mudala looks good when he is wearing his tie properly unlike having his shirt unbuttoned.
    Also, those other people in the pictures need to learn how to properly wear masks.

  3. Beautiful photos . Right now MMD ,Kambwili’s party ,UPND and all other opposition parties are better than the poverty machine aka PF.

  4. If HH had clearly explained how he acquired billions during privatization it would be prudent, but he only explains how he was suffering with no record of wealth in his family and how only he had that plot in kalingainga area what misses the story is how he managed without capital to acquire those billions really who can trust him , he talks about education yes education plays a big role in communication but doesn’t translate in wealth, we have many Zambian graduates who don’t even have jobs per say.
    This President is fake he has no meaning to real life he keeps on dodging questions when will he ever answer one outstanding question .

  5. As a former hard core PF supporter today my vote is with UPND but I will respect the opinions of others, we dont need to be enemies because we have different political approaches. Let us work together for a better Zambia. But Aug 12th guys lets vote for HH we give this man a chance, he has matured as a leader and I believe we need him to move Zambia in a better direction.

  6. Wazhimona, akaso naupulika.
    Check on MMD New deal whose potrait and inspirations.
    Also those who were taking photos had an interest in HH.

  7. Everything about UPND looks beautiful and organized this year, and PF is dark.
    Can’t wait to see their UPND new beautiful government, Zambia will bright come September.

  8. Clearly a lot of money was spent on the manifesto launch. What a pity UPND couldn’t spent even one kwacha on running a spellcheck on the document. The number of spelling and grammar mistakes is stunning! Would you trust a party running government and the economy when they can’t even spell properly? That’s one thing the PF is much better at: their propaganda material is at least the Queen’s English. Go bend your head in shame HH, very amateurish!!

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