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Monze Presidential Initiative Milling plant works advance


Zambia National Service(ZNS) Commandant Lieutenant General Nathan Mulenga says the Presidential Initiative Milling Plant in Monze district will soon be completed.

Lt Gen Mulenga who was impressed with the workmanship, expressed optimism that the milling plant which has reached 99 percent completion rate, is almost ready for commissioning.

Speaking when he toured the milling plant in Monze, Lt Gen Mulenga stated that the only major issue remaining is connecting power to the plant.

He added that the plant once operational, will start serving the local people through employment and other spiral effects.

“It is just a matter of weeks and the plant will be tested and handed over. It will benefit the people of Monze as they will be employed and development will be brought here in Monze,” he said.

Lt Gen Mulenga stated that the President wants to see the milling plant actualized so that it can benefit the local people.

He explained that the project is a grant from the Chinese government who are constructing the milling plant.

The high ranking ZNS official said the completion of the project will reduce the price of mealie meal which is the staple food in the country.

Commandant Mulenga indicated that the facility will also attract development to Monze which is in a rural setting.

Lt Gen Mulenga said the Monze Milling plant will be one of its kind in the country which will go a long way in helping the people of Zambia.

He further explained that the project which was initiated by President Edgar Lungu, shows how the Zambian leader and his Chinese counterpart are concerned about the plight of their people.

Lt Gen Mulenga thanked the Chinese government for their continued support saying the milling plant will benefit the Zambian people greatly by producing affordable mealie meal.

He commended the District Administration in Monze for sensitizing the local people on the importance of crop diversification.

“We have all sorts of food in the country apart from maize. It is gratifying to hear that farmers in Monze have started diversifying as that is the way to go,” he said.

The Commandant added that he is happy to hear that the local Chiefdoms in Monze are happy with the milling project as it will benefit them and their people.

Commandant Mulenga urged the local administration to remind the local farmers not to sell maize to the briefcase buyers as that might affect the production at the milling plant.

And Monze District Commissioner Munachoongo Muleya thanked government for choosing Monze District to benefit from the Presidential milling initiative.

Mrs Muleya said the infrastructure has developed the area and will continue to do so.

She thanked the ZNS Commandant for ensuring the project is complete in the shortest possible time.

The ZNS Commandant Lt Gen Nathan Mulenga was in Southern Province on a two days tour of ZNS projects in the Province.


  1. Clearly this is not the kind of information the opposition would like to hear because they usually spend time here looking for faults in the government…but alas mwanyala hagain, PF is a working government and will continue to govern us after 2021 election… I approve this message

  2. Jo breaker welcome back. I agree with you. Especially the upnd diasporans they pray for Zambians to suffer in the hope that it will help their tribal leader ascend to power. For us we will continue to take development to all corners irrespective of tribe. The tongas have also had enough of that Bush boy hh


  4. UPND cadres can you check the development in your own bed by the Father of nation. Oppose or accept because you are always seeing faults in the current Government

  5. Just how will this project reduce the price of mealie meal? I am of the understanding that a milling plant processes the grains into flour or samp as a product and if the production costs of maize and other grains that the milling plant will process wont reduce, how will mealie meal prices reduce? Anyway we know how government works, first it determines at what price the mealie meal will be sold at to the millers then determine the maize buying price to the farmers as for inputs, it’s never in discussion for the supply outlets have connections to most in the leadership!

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