Saturday, June 22, 2024

Romeo Kangombe escapes jail, given two year suspended sentence


Sesheke Central Member of Parliament Romeo Kangombe has been given a two year suspended sentence by the Chinsali Magistrate Court.

Chinsali Resident Magistrate Julius Malata who last week found Mr Kangombe guilty of assaulting two police officers handed out the sentencing this morning and ordered the lawmaker to pay a K10,000.

Magistrate Malata told Kangombe that he risks a stiffer conviction should he commit a similar offence in the next two years.

Officials from the UPND are making efforts to have the K10,000 paid to the Court and have the lawmaker released from Chinsali Correctional facility where he has been held since last week.


  1. The level of hooliganism among politicians is worrying. People must practice self-restraint. Delinquency won’t make you a hero. Unfortunately many politicians thing they’re being strong by such senseless heroics. When I review the Mongu Edgar – Hichilema clip I wonder what kind of a person who dare do that. The political leadership bar has been lowered so low such that even hooligans are vying for leadership. Is this the best we can do for our country? Come on guys, these narrow political agendas are ruining our country. I hope he has learnt something from this experience that could’ve been avoided

  2. What are we going to hear from those that threw aspersions at the judiciary? They will either justify their accusing insults or keep dead quiet pretending nothing happened.
    Keith Mukata is still serving his term. Politicians shouldn’t be untouchables. (Maybe the judge wanted to prevent that handsome face from the prison shame….lol)

  3. He is a very lucky rat-looking boy. Ok mubi uyu kwati nizeenjathropus. I know am not denzel Washington but next to this boy I am very handsome

  4. The boy had a great future ahead of him. Thus will help him learn from mistakes.

    Now he needs to campaign for HH

    As for KZ you don’t even come close to being evaluated for looking handsome, more like a mirror image of a baboons arse.

    First get a nose job

  5. “Don’t feed the trolls (aka Kaizar Zulu).” Trolls seek out emotional responses and find provocation amusing, so replying to them or attempting to debate them will only make them troll more. By ignoring a troll completely, they will likely become frustrated and go somewhere else on the internet.

  6. Nothing unusual here. The defence could argue that it’s hard to distinguish between a real cop and a fake one these days because imposters are given police uniforms and allowed to cause havoc on ordinary citizens. They are just trying to balance things because they know real convicts like CK are still roaming the streets freely. ZP(Zabwino Palibe).

  7. If plunderers can go scot-free it’s ok for this
    Youngman to be given a suspended sentence.He has a bright future .let him take
    It easy.

  8. Every time judgement turns to favour them, they shower praises. The moment the same law puts them “ku wire”, they became the usual thing: cry babies. Even the AU, SADC and United Nations would have known about it by now.
    Kangombe, please stay away from UPND mischief.

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