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Teachers in Kalumbila targeted as GBV envoys


A number of teachers in Kalumbila district of North-western province are to be engaged in the fight against Gender Based Violence (GBV).

ZANIS reports that IOM Assistant Programmes Officer, Cephas Njobvu in an interview in Kalumbila today said his organisation plans to engage teachers in the district in a bid to challenge the norms and cultural practices that perpetuate GBV.

“We have picked on the teachers because we realise that one form of GBV that has escalated in our community is child marriage. Mostly, children who are married off young are in school, so we want to challenge this from the school perspective,” Mr Njobvu said.

He also took note of cultural norms and practices which hinder children from freely expressing themselves to confide only on in their teachers on personal .

“Teachers are most likely to be approached by children who want to share personal experiences such as abuse because the abuse usually occurs in a family setting,” Mr Njobvu said.

He said it will be prudent for teachers to be armed with information on the various forms of GBV as well as referral mechanisms so as to adequately sensitise children as early as possible.

Mr Njobvu disclosed that the teacher engagement programme will commence tomorrow, April 13, 2021 and it is targeted at 120 teachers in the district.

The targeted teachers are from four zones namely Matebo, Mutanda, Kisasa and Manyama respectively, in groups of 30 people in each zone.


  1. This is great news. We don’t tolerate gbv or any violence for that matter. We only advocate self defense when attacked by those violent thugs in upnd in August. Beat them up if they attack you.

  2. PF only shoots and kills innocent citizens like two months ago. And you don’t tolerate GBV? Maybe you should start by not tolerating GBM ( and CK, and ECL, and EN etc etc)

  3. PF only shoots and kills innocent citizens like two months ago. And you don’t tolerate GBV? Maybe you should start by not tolerating corruption loving GBM ( and CK, and ECL, and EN etc etc)

  4. Unfortunately for many people GBV is misconstrued as men beating their wives. There are also a lot of men that suffer at the hands of women, especially when their power to earn an income dwindles. There are many men that die prematurely because of the cruelty that their women unleash on them when they no longer earn enough to sustain the wayward lives of their wives. I know of many former miners that were retired or pruned but never lived beyond 5 years because of the humiliation they suffered from their wives. So women are equally guilty. Even early marriages are usually instigated by women. Most urge girls to be strong as they were now women, even if it pains

  5. Teachers will not mange to be used as mediums to stop GBV in Kalumbila district because the vice is caused many factors which have remained unaddressed. First one is economic challenges, early marriages, modernity, eroded cultural values.
    1) i have an uncle who worked as council worker, he is retired and his retirement benefits have not been paid to date. Meantime he educated his children and four trained, teacher, nurse. doctor and pharmacist. The children are now in their late 20s and early 30s. Non of them have been employed because he has no connections. His financial standing is ben going down each day that passes and aunt has taken to drinking and daughters to prostitution and the big man is in depression and he s always angry. At slight irritation he gets out his mind and resorts…

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