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Mopani unveils new brand identity with redesigned logo


Mopani Copper Mines Plc has launched its new corporate brand identity with a redesigned logo to reflect the recent changes to its shareholding structure.

“As part of our rebranding exercise following the recent acquisition of the majority stake in our company by ZCCM-IH, it has become imperative that we redesign our corporate brand identity and there is no better way to reflect this than in our resilient Mopani tree logo,” said Mr. Charles Sakanya, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Mopani.

“While our ever-green Mopani tree and the company name remain unchanged, our new logo now carries a strapline ‘A ZCCM-IH Subsidiary’ to reflect who we are today and our dynamic future as a proudly Zambian-owned mine.”

ZCCM-IH, which has been a shareholder in Mopani since inception in April 2000, recently completed the acquisition of the majority stake in the Kitwe-and-Mufulira mining operation from previous majority shareholders, Glencore International AG, to become the sole shareholder in Mopani Copper Mines Plc.

“Designed to reflect Mopani’s new corporate philosophy of increased confidence in the ability of Zambian professionals to manage their own assets, the new Mopani logo evokes a sense of inspiration and optimism. The breaking long and short lines on either side of the ZCCM-IH strapline signify our new parent company’s corporate strategy of breaking new grounds and expanding its footprint in the mining industry.”

“Proud as we are of our rich history and deep roots, we have retained the core elements of our logo; the resilient Mopani tree with its ability to weather all weather conditions and the irrepressible name ‘MOPANI’. Over the coming weeks, we will update all our marketing and publicity literature with the new logo. For now, we invite all our business partners requiring our company logo for their business communications to contact us via email [email protected] to get the new logo guidelines,” Mr. Sakanya said.


  1. Proudly zambian. We are taking control of our resources after that unpatriotic f00l hh betrayed our country and sold our mines for peanuts. It’s a good thing a minority tribal party like his will never rule this country. If you don’t believe me then wait and see.

  2. They all told us Zambia has no business in doing business. Now that they have gone away, who should remain doing business? The answer is: Zambia.
    When KCM was liquidated, they joined hands to condemn Zambia. Glencoe threw in a towel, Zambia ‘threw in’ a hat. Congratulations ZCCM-IH and IDC.

  3. Typical PF style failed projects. Konkola Copper Mines is already struggling and now it is Mopani. The worse arrangement with Mopan is that Glencore has learnt PF Govt money. All these companies will be used to prop finances for their cadres for elections and afterwards they will go broke. What a shameful way of feeling “Proudly Zambian”.

  4. Even kcm we will take it back I know chagwa Lungu very well he has the heart for zambia.hh takapite kumulu napanshi

  5. In Zambia, and pretty much in the rest of Africa we waste so much effort on trivialities. Surely, how does the redesign of a logo for giant Company like Mopani make headline news? What we want to hear is the plan to the sustenance of the beleaguered business! We want to know how he’s going to increase production, workers want to know if they will be paid separation packages from Glencoe and on which conditions they’ll be reengaged. Suppliers and contractors want to know if they will continue as usual or there’ll be reorganization. Prospecting suppliers and contractors want to if will be taken on board. This isn’t the news we’re waiting for, spare us the anguish

  6. Proudly Zambian says KZ? While more than 90% of the shares and 100% of its debt are owned by the Chinese? Get real!

  7. With the two giant mines in govt mines and copper selling at record high US$ 9pin per metric ton.Zambia still cant offset it’s Debt.Rather still want to borrow more debt from IMF.Proud of what?.

  8. @Vincent Bwalya Or maybe the Chinese are just finalising the sale of both entities, just waiting for approval after CB has voted PF back into power.

  9. Zambian contractors are a let down in the mines. Do a simple survey on the guys working for zambian contractors. Bucushi bweka bweka. So far have never seen a zambian contractor who pays on time and pays well. Dispite making money for them. Real slavery is not on ba mwisa real slavery is with the so called zambian contractors elo they no how to silence things ask labour offices how many cases there handling for the so called zambian contractors. Its a shame…….

  10. Miners are still suffering,Mr sakanya,honestly you spent so much time telling the nation about the logo than the roadmap of how you I’ll increase the production,the completion of those expensive projects,how you will make profits given that you ll be selling copper to glencore at a give away price,how you will increase miners salaries than what they are getting today.
    And LT finds it normal to report.

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