Monday, June 17, 2024

Govt sends relief mealie meal to Kazungula


Kazungula District Commissioner Mutinta Musokotwane has commended government for aiding the people of Kazungula district with bags of mealie-meal.

Ms. Musokotwane disclosed that three Chiefdoms are earmarked to benefit from the donated mealie-meal namely Mukuni, Sekute and Musokotwane respectively.

She said the distribution of the mealie meal which is targeted for the aged, physically challenged, the church and vulnerable groups has already started.

Ms. Musokotwane charged that the 1, 200 bags of mealie meal by 25kgs which came first will soon be distributed to farmers of Mukuni village whose fields were destroyed by elephants.

She further added that the 4,480 by 12.5 kg bags of mealie meal which came in March will be distributed to the rest of the beneficiaries in the named chiefdoms.

She commended government for the gesture to uplift the lives of the communities whose business have been affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Kazungula Gospel Fellowship has commended government for including the churches on the list of those to benefit from empowerment packages.

Gospel Fellowship Chairperson Pastor Kapela Chisanga of Word of Life Assemblies of God said the mealie meal received by churches in the district brought smiles from its members as COVID-19 did not spare anyone.


  1. Its wrong for GRZ to brand relief foods in PF colours. These monies also come from members of FDD ,Heritage Party ,UPND ,MMD and other parties who are tax payers.

  2. So just before the veeps impending visit to kazungula you have to send truckloads of mealie meal there so that she can be warmly welcomed? Now praise buying.

  3. So why do churches get Mealie Meal if your in the village you would a bag anyway, so what they are saying if you want food you must join a church and be brain washed, absolute rubbish.

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