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Govt to populate livestock countrywide – Prof Luo


Fisheries and Livestock Minister Nkandu Luo says government is working on populating livestock farming across the country.

Professor Luo said Zambia has potential to enrich lives of its citizenry through the Livestock sector but only when the industry is taken to areas not predominantly known for livestock farming in country.

Speaking when she handed over 540 improved village chickens and 60 goats to 76 church based Women Clubs and four Cooperatives in Kapiri Mposhi, Prof Luo said there is need to change the notion that livestock farming can only be done in certain parts of the country.

“We are working on mindset change that livestock farming can only thrive in Southern and Western Provinces.. so Government is ensuring that livestock farming is promoted in all parts of this country,” Prof Luo said.

The Minister explained that there abundant land and water resources key to livestock rearing in all the parts of the country.

The Livestock empowerment was provided through the Ministry’s Enhanced Small Livestock Investment Programme (ESLIP) which focusses on promoting small livestock businesses through Cooperatives in the country.

Prof. Luo guided that the livestock Empowerment programme will operate on a pass on basis to ensure that more groupings and individuals benefit from the initiative.

“This is wealth creation empowerment and as a ministry this is how we are promoting the concept of putting more money in your pockets… your government under the leadership of President Lungu wants to ensure improved income and food security at household level for beneficiary groups of various empowerment programmes,” Ms Luo said.

And Kapiri Mposhi Pastors Fellowship Chairperson, Japhet Msoni commended government for coming to the aid of the church through the Livestock Empowerment initiative especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bishop Musoni stated that the church has suffered low income levels to continue with its duties such as helping the needy in society due to dwindled income brought about by the impact of the Coronavirus.

” We have lost memberships and income in the church because of COVID-19… therefore this gesture is very liberating and is testimony of how caring government and President Lungu cares for the church,” Bishop Msoni said.

Bishop Msoni assured government that the beneficiary church women clubs will utilize the empowerment to uplift their lives.

Meanwhile, District Commissioner Smart Mwila commended government for the various empowerment programmes targeting youths, women and people living with disabilities in the district.


  1. If you had done this after elections in 2016 by now these animals would have multiplied. Now you want to hand over 3 months before the election you won’t even see the results.

  2. Same empty stories from this embarrassment of a Professor …she thinks livestock populates like Rabbits

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