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Police should exhibit impartiality – NGO

General News Police should exhibit impartiality - NGO

Continental Leadership Research Initiative Executive Director, Hakoola Mundia says the Zambia Police Service must exhibit impartiality in their execution of duties in maintaining law and order before, during and after the elections.

Mr Mundia says the Police have a sole mandate of maintaining law and order but can only achieve that by being impartial.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS Mr Mundia said the Police must not show favoritism to any grouping or political party because doing so will only bring problems.

He said the public must also play their part by avoiding causing chaos and ensure that they observe the law accordingly.

“It is important that the Police Service is impartial when they are executing their duties especially during this election period to avoid causing chaos in the country. And we as citizens should play a role as well by ensuring we abide by the law and maintain peace and order in the country”, He said

Meanwhile, Mr Mundia has advised youths to take keen interest in constructive debate.

He said youths have in the past been used as tools of political violence, which must not be the case and should be avoided at all cost.

Mr Mundia said young people must also aspire for leadership positions unlike escorting parliamentarians to parliament.

He said youths should not normalise receiving handouts from politicians but instead develop a positive working culture.

Mr Mundia said youths should not be manipulated by using them as tools of violence.

“Our youths are vulnerable as they tend to be used as tools of political violence that’s why we need to end this and this should start with our politicians, let us work together to attain peaceful elections, Zambia is for all,” Mr Mundia said.


  1. All police chiefs and officers are in the pocket of this corrupt PF government, and only a momentous election win by the opposition would change that overnight

  2. Its very difficult for police to be impartial as we go in general election gear. The police have a chain command to follow and the outcome of their policing political events always favor the ruling party. One only gets to understand how the public institutions favors the ruling elite. Its quite complex than what one sees on the surface. Even when the lower ranks of police are deployed to various parts of the country, payment of their allowances in advance or arrears becomes a challenge to get. The fat guys always find a minus from such allowances. The only way to reform the police service should start with revising the syllabus, training methods, appointment of the top brass. The big positions go with a lot of incentives and pomp. Who would like to urge with the appointing authority…

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