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President Lungu Donates Bicycles to 100 Headmen in Dundumwezi


President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has given bicycles to all the 100 headmen in Chief Siachitema’s area of Dundumwezi, Kalomo district, Southern province.

Handing over the bicycles on behalf of President Edgar Lungu, PF Member of the Central Committee Kebby Mbewe said President Lungu is committed to uplifting the living standards of traditional leaders across the country.

He said it’s only under President Lungu’s leadership that traditional leaders have been recognized and accorded the befitting status.

“There is no party in the country that has the agenda for the headmen, it is only President Lungu and PF that has incorporated traditional leaders in the governance of the country. The people of Dundumwezi and Kalomo, in particular, owe President Lungu and PF votes in the August 12, elections because of massive development. Give us councilors and a member of parliament as well,” MCC Mbewe said.

“President Lungu has made an effort to meet almost all headmen in the country and has made a serious alliance with traditional leaders,” MCC Mbewe said.

And MCC Mbewe said the bicycles given to headmen is a sign of love to the people of Dundumwezi.

He said the headmen should now go out and speak good about President Lungu and tell their people to vote for him.

“For President Edgar Lungu to give you bicycles, he has shown the action of love he has for you and the people of Dundumwezi and Kalomo in particular. Despite giving President Lungu fewer votes he has delivered infrastructure development interms of a climate resilienct road, communication tower and a mini-hospital is under construction,” MCC Mbewe said.

And speaking on behalf of the headmen, senior headman Mugwagwa commended President Lungu for giving them bicycles.

Headman Mugwagwa (George Siamaluba) said the people of Dundumwezi will give massive votes to President Lungu in the August elections because he has shown them, love.

He said the people in Dundumwezi have lagged behind because they have been supporting the opposition.

PF Member of the Central Committee Kebby Mbewe donating bicycles on behalf of President Lungu
PF Member of the Central Committee Kebby Mbewe donating bicycles on behalf of President Lungu


  1. Generosity my foot 🙁

    Requiring people to go and speak good of the president and to give him votes and councillors in the August election is pure bribery. Generosity and love should be unconditional.

  2. A very generous gesture. My president has a heart. Meanwhile hh has not built even a single toilet there. People there are beginning to realise that voting on tribal lines doesn’t benefit them.

    By the way where is hh? We heard he is in a coma due to covid. Can the upnd tell the nation what is going on instead of posting old videos of him riding a bicycle around his home. The earlier they tell us, the faster we can start national prayers for that sinner hh

  3. Busy bribing citizens with ancient Chink bicycles bought with taxpayers money at inflated rates ….this is typical of a lazy man who has not dont nothing in the last 5 years but accrue huge debts

  4. You should try your best not to take anything trolls say seriously. No matter how poorly they behave, remember these people spend countless unproductive hours trying to make people mad. They’re not worth your time of the day.

  5. 56 years of independence and our headmen are excited with bikes. I love things and i think people deserve better than bikes

  6. The Chinese bicycle manufacturers even know that every 10 years the dull leaders from Chambia bring business to them in the form of huge orders.

  7. Surprisingly given the State of the Economy ECL believes he can still win a Popular Vote. Most People are tired of ECL and PF Govt and want a change of Govt. HH is the only hope otherwise People’s lives will be ruined forever. On August 12 ECL and PF will be send “ku wire” Rigging or no Rigging.

  8. That is not how it is supposed to be. You cannot tell people that they lag behind because they supported the opposition. The government should be for all Zambians. With no regard to what their political affiliations are. Get those bicycles and vote for those that will have the destiny of ALL Zambians at heart.

  9. What I like about President Lungu is that he distributes essential things to Zambians not only during the election period but throughout the year.

  10. President Lungu is such a kind-hearted person. He is committed to working hard to improve the lives of Zambians.

  11. Glad that I voted for President Lungu in the 2016 general elections. Extremely happy by seeing my country that has turned out beautifully under the leadership of President Lungu.

  12. Visible development is seen across the country especially in rural areas. Better roads, health clinics, clean drinking water, mobile towers, and whatnot. We are confident that maximum numbers of people from rural areas will be voting for President Edgar Lungu.

  13. The entire Zambians including HH supporters are benefiting through several developments and empowerment projects brought by President Lungu.

  14. If you scrutinize the time of posting the comments, the bias towards PF and the same flag for: Mervis Ngosa, Paul Kaseka, Mery Bemba, Rita Mulonga and Faith Lemba, you realize that this is the same person. Try to create popularity of PF on Social media. Kikikikiiki

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