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UPND will build a Zambia which we will all be proud to call home

Columns UPND will build a Zambia which we will all be proud to...

By Hakainde Hichilema

We sympathise with all our civil servants countrywide; teachers, nurses, doctors, our men and women in uniform, and other class of civil servants in various government institutions, for the systematic, deliberate, and sustained threats, intimidation and violence against you.

The suffering which you are going through under the PF regime is of great concern to us. We are with you and we share your pain.

The UPND will build a Zambia which we will all be proud to call home. Today, we have a society of duality; them and us. Our vision is clear, this country belongs to all of us the 18 million-plus citizens and it shouldn’t matter where you were born.

This regime has created a society where citizens are treated differently. That too will be changed immediately after August 12.

We are resolved that once we are elected by the people of Zambia, we will work together to restore the rule of law. No one will be above the law; not even a UPND member or sympathiser. We will restore the rule of law in markets, bus stations and in work places.

We love the people and that’s why we do what we do because we are here to serve the people and not to serve our interests as is the case now.

No one will attack you and get away with it. We want to create an environment that promotes business, safety, and an environment that will allow you to move freely without fearing that you will be harassed or attacked in markets, bus stations, and at your places of work.

To all those who have been retired in national interest, start looking at your watch and count your days because you will soon be back in office.

We are coming to grow the country; not to divide and not to subtract. To achieve this, we all need to work together and bring change through the ballot and remove these people who have divided the nation. Change is coming to Zambia and days of happiness are near.

This was our message this morning during our Press Briefing as we addressed the nation on the need to unite for a better Zambia.


  1. Zambia’s turnaround will be in 2026. I don’t see anything changing even with HH in government. Even his party is riddled with unsightly tendencies that will certainly seep into government. We need a clean break from this generation and usher in a new leadership across sport, politics, entertainment … Zambia needs a reboot and it won’t happen in August 2021.

  2. Your intentions are good for sure. But you should tell us HOW you want to do it, HOW you want to improve the economy. You never tell us HOW, even your manifesto only contains intentions and lacks detail. Spelling mistakes YES, details NO.

  3. Under 5 keeps repeating the same things year in year out, no substance.

    After 12 August, concentrate on your business otherwise mukobeko beckons.

  4. It’s a period of sympathies. I also sympathize with Mutale Nalumango that she finds herself in the same awkward situation that Cannisius Banda AND GBM once found themselves in. She can’t act as President despite being the number 2 in the Party of the Tongas by the Tongas for the Tongas

  5. We know this was written by hh gay lover anthony habwalya. Because By We heard hh is in a coma due to covid. Can the upnd tell the nation what is going on instead of posting old videos of him riding a bicycle around his home. The earlier they tell us, the faster we can start national prayers for that sinner hh

  6. Zambians are not too impressed
    With what you are saying. On one
    Hand they want change but on the Other doubting to give you and
    The rest are not suitable.

  7. No colleration of what HH says and what is in the manifesto . Surely he has not explained how his govt will do it.Upnd is playing TRY YOUR LUCK.Uwa fitala aka imwena says HH.Utupuba tuletalika says ECL.

  8. Talk is cheap….blah blah blah blah…typical Politician….nothing will change so stop lying…PF bandits said the same thing

  9. HH has no plan for this country but for certain people .He is so concerned about regionalism. How can he say PF has registered more in their strong holds.He believes he can just win in southern provice and part of central.UPND is a tribal party .ECZ did well to have new register, UPND used to mark ballot boxes in southern coz all PF supporters were intimidated.They chose only UPND supporters to monitor elections. All civil servants in southern province who were chosen to monitor were UPND.Even now PF should just send good monitors other chiefs and headmans will still want to mark ballots.

  10. I don’t know what makes Sammy Hichilema think hes going to form government in August this year! Government is not formed on the mouth or just because you want to form government! Zambians know whats best for them! Its not for Hichilema to decide for them. Actually what hes saying is the exact opposite of what would happen under a UPND government! Tongas are actually very divisive and primitive. A UPND government would be very divisive, more than the current PF government because it will be based on being Tonga and being “cousin” to the Tongas. If you are not Tonga you are brushed aside! And the other sad part is that Tongas just want a fellow Tonga to rule at whatever cost! This is very wrong! In fact in Zambia’s history most presidents didnt plan to fight it out to rule Zambia…

  11. Lusaka times, you were once my favourite social media News source but you are turning into a UPND trumpet and blocking comments you don’t agree with

  12. All the people doubting HH, what exactly is PF doing? They are running this country into the ground on a daily basis. HH has provided a roadmap. It isn’t perfect and fixing this mess will take YEARS.
    What is PF giving you? HOW they are going to fix the mess they created or just HOW they plan to steal more money to give empowerment gifts. Let’s examine the PF ‘roadmap’; devaluation of the currency, high inflation and unemployment, theft through supposed ‘development’ of a road network that looks like a joke, junk credit ratings and defaulting on loans.
    You all are some crazy people. Just like living in a dream world.

  13. I’m dead against getting the corrupt PF back in power, with the most incompetent president ever. But I don’t believe in HH either, he didn’t NOT win the elections five times before….. there must be a reason?

  14. Dream on bo HH!!You will soon be the next Dean Mungo’mba and B.Y.Mwila on 12/08/2021 (who died while trying to be president of Zambia)!!THELIZ NO WIND OF CHANGE IN ZAMBIA CURRENTLY!!
    Moreover,all well meaning Zambians know your evil trickts.You sent that UPND cadre from Kabwe to go and misbehave at the ministry of Works& supply as a way of painting PF black.Your evil tricks are always exposed.Now that dul1 UPND chap will rote in prison while you enjoy life at your chalala home-sad indeed!!We’re all united behind ECL as civil servants,thus we do not buy into your fake promises!!
    TRY IN 2026 BO HH!!

  15. The formula is quiet simple and straightforward.

    You go to all areas of Zambia, not just concentrating in 3 Provinces WP, SP, NWP and expect a miracle. It does not work that way.

    Thereafter, sell your Manifesto or better policies from PF.

    Then explain what has failed with PF and how different you can do it, to make it work. And where the money is going to come from.


  16. Surely, the cry baby strategies have failed you so many times. And this song of playing victim all the time has gotten people very tired.

    And if you win, we wish you to succeed because we want what is best for Zambia regardless of who is in power.

    Other from that, you are far away from reality. Cos’ Zambians ain’t stup1d. They can read the barometer.

  17. cont..

    You have every right to stand for the president of Zambia.

    But stop feeling entitled to win. Politics is a sports game.  There is always a winner and a loser. You don’t end up with draw game to go for penalty kick outs.

    If the same team is beating you all the time, it means you are doing something wrong with the game plan and you are weak.

    You don’t blame the team that beat you. But rather you go back and prepare better.

  18. Ba Sarah ad those supporting HH am impressed bt those corrupt minded PF cadres are those thinking for themselves than for the Zambians are going through, Zambians in the worst period since independence ad if we don’t remove this PF govt, we Zambians will be the same as being dead. We know you, u being fed by PF bt time will come ad it very soon.
    Am disappointed with such negative comments, HH’s msg is very clear ad with hope for a better Zambia. HH ad UPND forward for a better Zambia.

  19. The idea is to say something against him ,that justifies the payment , just say his name and associate it with something nasty, deride him ,demean him ,create some propaganda that can make the weak minded think he is not going to win , evil or incompetent. That guarantees your pay check, politics of the belly. Somebody has to man the poor believe that they have the power in numbers and they can change their fate which seem to be a warm up hell.

  20. Ulabeja mudala, how will you control the actions of your sympathisers. If you have failed to tame your own known hooligans.

  21. I am a 60 year old terminally ill disabled black American and a torture victim of the FBI in response to my protest.

    In addition, my home was invaded, my bank account, medical records, email, and social media accounts are accessed without a warrant.

    The DOJ refuse to investigate crimes committed by the FBI. They only recently issued a civil rights complaint tracking number but have done absolutely nothing to intervene.

    Our government fail to protect my rights and ensure my safety. The FBI’s torture, death threats, civil rights violations, and defamation continue.

    The FBI are currently violating my right to seek asylum in Zambia and are continuing their civil rights violations and human rights abuses.

    In addition, the FBI are violating my wife’s rights as a Zambian citizen…


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