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UPND’s Romeo Kang’ombe remains MP, Speaker rules

Headlines UPND's Romeo Kang’ombe remains MP, Speaker rules

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has ruled that Sesheke Central Member of Parliament Romeo Kang’ombe will maintain his seat in parliament.

Dr Matibini, a lawyer and former high court Judge, says the two years suspended sentence slapped on the lawmaker by the Chinsali Magistrate court, served Mr Kango’mbe from losing his parliamentary seat as he is not serving any sentence.

Dr Matibini, clarified this in parliament today, when passing his ruling on a point of order raised by Kabwe Central Member of Parliament, Tutwa Ngulube, who questioned Mr Kang’ombe’s continued presence in parliament even after being convicted.

“The Sesheke Central lawmaker is in order to retain his seat in this August house. He has not vacated his seat unless or until such a time that he violets the conditions of the sentence,” Dr Matibini explained.

On Tuesday April 13th, 2021, Mr Ngulube raised a point of order as to whether Mr Kang’ombe was in order to maintain his seat in the house after his verdict in the Chinsali Magistrate’s court.

In his response, Dr Matibini reserved his ruling on the matter which he has rendered today.

On Monday April 12th, 2021, the Sesheke Central Member of parliament, was given a two year suspended sentence by the Chinsali Magistrate Court.

Chinsali, Resident Magistrate, Julius Malata, who last week found Kang’ombe guilty of abducting and assaulting two police officers, handed out the two year suspended sentence and ordered the lawmaker to pay a K10, 000 fine in another case.

“You risk a stiffer conviction should you commit a similar offence in the next two years,” Magistrate Malata warned Mr Kang’ombe.


  1. Makes financial sense to let him keep it for next few months as elections are close and high chance that seat is going to pf.

  2. Sometimes Legislature can be in tandem with the Judiciary. Other times, they are at variance.
    A suspended “outside custody” imprisonment is total lenience. The photogenic full-of-life handsome Romeo deserves it. But the MP may be trading on a thin line. Best wishes.

  3. The fact that it is a suspended sentence doesnt mean he hasnt been convicted. The sentence has been suspended but he has been convicted of a crime and as such cannot be an MP. John Sangwa where are you?

  4. When somebody is convicted, whether he is serving that sentence or not he is still a convict and cannot hold a parliamentary seat let alone vie for any adoption for any position. What does the constitution say on this one? Let someone like SC Sangwa school us on this issue please.

  5. Comment No3. The speaker is right. The law does not say anyone convicted of a crime, it says anyone serving an ” imprisonment for a crime written under the law,”. In the case of Hon. Kangombe although he was convicted, that imprisonment sentence was suspended. Meaning it has been with held on condition that he is not convinced of the same crime for the period specified.

  6. I doubt it Romeo Kang’ombe is guilty of any offence. I strongly suspect that it was a trumped up charge which makes little sense. Who was blocking the Great North rd as HH and his entourage were trying to drive to Chinsali to answer to another trumped up charge? Wht sanctions hv been imposed on those who blocked a public road? Is it not against the law to block another citizen’s access to a public facility paid for from public funds?

  7. We have lawyers who are failed projects. Tutwa is in the forefront of defending the third bid. Hope the concourt rule on the matter independently. Wina azalira

  8. If the speaker enforced the rules then most of the MP’s would be out , Most MP’s have self interest not in the interest of the Zambian people, Honour among thieves.

  9. So Isaac Mwanza will petition Concourt if Honourable Romeo Kangombe files his Nomination Papers with ECZ? These Pro-PF Cadres practice Kangaroo law. Tutwa Ngulube was also raising a Point of Order in Parliament on whether Romeo Kangombe still remain an MP. Are these PF aligned Lawyers properly trained?

  10. There is a difference between the article by Mwanza and the ruling by the Speaker. Mwanza is talking about whether Kangombe is eligible to stand or not. The speaker has only ruled that he will continue to be a member of parliament.
    At the time of filing nominations the ECZ officials shall verify if Kngombe has had a conviction within the last two years. If he has, as it now stands, he will be disqualified. Under current circumstances, he is not seeking a fresh parliamentary mandate, he is a duly elected memeber of parliament. He is serving a non custodial sentence and therefore free to carry out his normal life excursions among which is to represent his constituents. Should he have been incarcerated, all freedoms are grabbed from him including the attending of parliamnet and hence the…


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