PF’s Kennedy Kamba grills Lusaka City Council over ‘ illegal’ land deals in the City


Patriotic Front (PF) Provincial chairperson Kennedy Kamba has expressed concern over Lusaka City Council’s sale of Land in the wards which was done without proper coordination between the councilors and the council management.

Mr Kamba said at the press briefing Friday that the sale of the land which was allegedly done at a faster speed has raised concern among the top party officials and government officials.

He told Lusaka councilors during the press briefing that although it was not the duty of the party to interfere with operations of the council management, the local authority should however be mindful to put the ruling party’s interests first to avoid ridicule by residents in the City.

“Whatever you do as councilors and decisions you make in the council chamber, should reflect the values, principles, and generally it must be in line with the party policy and manifesto, regarding the administration of the local government,” he said.

Reminding them that they are serving as councilors on the PF ticket, Mr Kamba said they must represent the interest of the party and the President warning that any misconduct they do will expose the ruling party to condemnation and insults from the opposition and members of the public.

“Councilors and the mayor we have noted with regrets that their seem to be disunite, mistrust, and indiscipline in the manner you are handling the affairs of the council regarding the sale of properties,” he said.

The PF Chairperson noted that there seem to be lack of coordination in manner they are handling council matters especially between councilors and the council management.

He said there is also lack of proper information and the councilors are failing to give accurate information to the party and the governance system.

Mr Kamba disclosed that the party has discovered that there is no sale of any property in Lusaka as the only property is that of the North-mead car park.

He noted that the lease of the car park has been halted adding that there is so much infighting among the councilors as some of them have even abandoned their civic duties.

Mr Kamba said the party will not tolerate the situation where the office of the mayor, property developers, and council management are dragged into public and embarrassing media debate because at the end of the day it’s the party’s image which is tarnished.

He implored them to tow the pro-poor policies of the party not their selfish interest or ambitions as they were not elected to involve themselves into corrupt practices as it would land them into serious problems.


  1. We in pf are allergic to corrupt and unpatriotic behaviour. And when we see it even from those holding office under our name, we call it out because we are genuinely fighting against such behaviour. Unfortunately you will never hear upnd calling out their own due to wanting to appear perfect and yet they keep losing elections. People can see right through them.

    Right now I am preparing to travel to kafue in my 2019 range rover. Wish me travelling mercies as I embark on a pf sensitisation program and also for some pleasure later tonight.

    Also prayers for hh who is in a coma in critical condition . Get well soon.

  2. This is just politicking against Miles. Why do these pf fear Sampa? Has he shown signs that he wants to run for president again? The chap has been isolated as Mayor, now they want to block him from becoming MP. Why?

  3. For 3 months they suspended Miles & the entire council to conduct investigations. What evidence did they unearth that they didn’t publish? Up now they are just making statements. Miles you are lone. Chose your own path.

  4. Those theives just want a piece of the corruption pie……..

    Under lungu , everybody is out to steal.

    Corruption under lungu has become so endemic that it now seen as part of the job… one hides anything

    It’s monkey see , monkey do ……..if lungu and his minions at statehouse are openly doing it , so can everyone else…..

  5. I am equally concerned that the PF has moved in otherwise the city fathers were about to do some last minute deals. Now I see the frustration of Hon. Charles Banda. LCC has run out of land and our coucillors are being looking for land even where it is missing. On this one I support Provincial Chairman and Hon. Charles Banda.

  6. Typical: the most corrupt government since Zambia’s inception is criticizing this corrupt behaviour. And once again, just before election, KZ states that he is “allergic” to corrupt behaviour!!!! HAHAAAHAHA. What a joke. The entire population knows where all the money goes! PF pockets!

  7. Twende – How can someone like that Minister of Local Govt Charles Banda carry out investigations ….really laughable….they investigated and found that it was their cadres doing the selling and up to now no one has been arrested. As for Miles Sampa he has been a disgrace just a silly boy promoting his profile on his Face-book page I told people during the Lusaka Mayoral campaigns that if you want to see improvement in Lusaka vote for anyone but PF.

  8. No Corruption Zambia – They are hurry thieves they have sold everything including school playing grounds, play parks even their toilets now they are wondering why there are no toilets …these people are like termites chewing everything.

  9. To begin with, Kamba has no authority to summon councillors and mayors, these are appointed offices enshrined to the constitution and answerable to the Constitution, not the party.
    I saw the letter wherein he demanded a meeting, he also demanded the presence of the the town clerk as well as legal advisor, I hope they did not show up.
    Additionally, he admits it’s not a party position but goes on to state that the councillors must represent the party?
    What of councillors from other parties?

  10. The King of the bus stations has spoken. Some things that this man has been mentioned in, I don’t even what he’s doing at the helm of the PF

  11. That Kamba is a foool
    Party and government should not be merged/muddled.
    He has a role to play in the party BUT not in matters of governance and he should interfere in the council’s management.
    Viedos about illegal buildings being constructed have been seen.

  12. PF ni mbwa, this Kamba will cost PF PF votes than Kambwili.
    Where is Lusambo to silence that thug Kamba?


    ““Whatever you do as councilors and decisions you make in the council chamber, should reflect the values, principles, and generally it must be in line with the party policy and manifesto, regarding the administration of the local government,” he said.”


  14. In libala south carders are allocating themselves land and the counselor knows about this but is doing nothing….pf is a joke

  15. I thought Kamba is a councellor for Nkoloma ward chakuti under LCC. How then does he summon the mayor to a meeting? intead of the other way around?
    God forgive us.

  16. Meanwhile the MAYOR Sampa was in Matero promoting his candidature driving around in a double decker bus ….last I saw the boy he was at KKIA jumping on an Ethiopian Airline flight with the Town Clerk this is what happens when you elect useless boys who only concerned about enhancing their profiles and fearful of upsetting their crooked backers.

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