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Women urged to join politics.

Feature Politics Women urged to join politics.

Women from all walks of life have been called upon to fully take part in politics in order to contribute to the social and economic development of the country.

Ms Christabel Kalasa of Chilubi district in Northern Province, observed that the government has created a favorable environment for both women and men to participate freely in politics without intimidation.

Ms Kalasa , who is the aspiring candidate for Chilubi Constituency, said as the country heads to the August 12th General Elections, women should stand up and be adopted by political parties of their choice so that they become part of the decision makers.

In a phone interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Ms Kalasa was quick to mention that the 5050 gender parity will be attained only if women are willing to compete favorably with men.

“This year as we head to August 12, I urge all women to participate fully in the elections from adoption process to voting. I am currently seeking adoption on the ruling party’s ticket.

“ Therefore others should take a leaf from me and Iris Kaingu ( aspiring candidate for Mwandi Constituency, Mwandi District, Western province) we are so passionate and where there is development in any given country there is a woman behind,” she emphasized.

The Chilubi aspiring candidate also called on the government and its stakeholders to put up massive infrastructure development in the district to spur tourism.

She explained that Chilubi has the tourism potential which can only be harnessed when numerous lodges and hotels are built in the area.

Ms Kalasa further called on the government to consider dividing the constituency into two and empower farmers to grow paddy rice in the Chilubi swamps.

Currently, women represent only 17 percent of the members of parliament against the 83 percent which is taken up by male representation.


  1. Please dont use the likes of Iris Kaingu or Mutale Mwanza as “poster girls” for women representation in politics …we dont even know the source of these women’s income who their other half is…Politics is a dirty game and these girls will have to address these issues you can not just say I sell beauty products or i have 10 million followers on Face-book.

  2. ”I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man’s reasoning powers are not above the monkey’s.” – Mark Twain

  3. Anyone can join politics regardless who is supporting them. By the way your god is also getting support from somewhere. Iris or Mutale are free to join politics without intimidation from people like Tarino and UPND Cadres. It’s about numbers

  4. Sthandwa – I fully support Zambian women being actively involved in politics who they support is their business in fact they make better Presidents than men but don’t use the mentioned as examples.
    Zambian women’s worst enemy is fellow Zambian women themselves even though they make up the majority of the electorate they would never support a fellow woman.


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