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Mukwita urges youth to take up entrepreneurship

Economy Mukwita urges youth to take up entrepreneurship

Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany, Anthony Mukwita has challenged Zambian young people studying in Germany to plan to go into entrepreneurship after their graduation and become business owners.

Ambassador Mukwita encouraged the students studying in Germany to apply for the Youth Empowerment Project hosted by the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development for the funding of their entrepreneurial ideas.

“ The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development will this year hosting a Multi-Sectoral Youth Empowerment Project valued at Four hundred and seventy million Kwacha ,K470 million intended to support youth-generated projects covering agriculture, tourism, construction, timber and honey value chain, plastic recycling plants, youth milling plants, manufacturing, youth in transport, energy and many others, “ he said.

The project is targeted at Zambian young people aged between 18 and 35, an age group that constitutes the majority of the country’s population.

He noted that with high unemployment levels among them, the government of President Edgar Lungu has targeted this age group for a number of interventions that should draw young people into the mainstream of the country’s economic activities.

“Instead of seeking to become employees, seek inspiration from individuals that were resourceful and daring enough to start companies such as Investrust, Zambeef, Meanwood, Madison Insurance, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple”, Ambassador Mukwita said.

The Envoy made the remarks when he interacted with the Zambian students in a virtual meeting co-organized by the Zambian Embassy and the Zambia German Association, ZGA, a voluntary association of Zambians living, working or studying in Germany.

He noted that the meeting was part of a series of similar interactive meetings the embassy has lined up this year with the Diaspora to exchange information and ideas that could facilitate the participation of Zambians living abroad in the country’s development agenda.

And ZGA Chairperson Enoch Chota also shared with the students their plans after their graduation which ranged from setting up their own enterprises and going into formal employment.

“Located in both Germany and the Czech Republic, the students are pursuing undergraduate, Masters and PhD programs in disciplines that include agriculture, information technology, economics and medicine, ‘’ he said.

Mr Chota noted that a follow up interactive meeting with the participation of an expert on youth empowerment from the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development is planned for the next one month.

This is contained in a statement issued in Belin by Frist secretary Press and Public Relations Kelly Kaunda and made available to media in Lusaka yesterday.


  1. It’s kind of funny; those that urge youths to take up entrepreneurship never considered it themselves, and aren’t willing to even to quit their full paying jobs, appointed or not.
    I’m one of those individuals that applied for CEEC loans/funding for a business that was already there but never got funding in all 3 times I applied.

  2. Upnd diasporans like the f00lish one above are lazy a55holes who would rather sit on their smelly backside and receive state help there abroad or wipe old people backsides.

  3. If you want to end up poor or in jail, vote PF. Or alternatively become a UK diasporan like KZ and shout from the sidelines.

  4. Students are at university and this fooool isbusy talking about them going into business as if he is paying their school…..this is the problem with thieves when they steal too much they think they are smart businessmen like helicopter Minister

  5. @Kaizer, why you insulting ka Mukwita like that? Mukwita is a diaspora employee insulted by Idyot Lusambo.
    Stop thinking like thug Lusambo, it has bodyguards, you only have a gun and ka brother Munio.

  6. There is no Youth Empowerment Project in Zambia. What we have PF Cadre youth empowerment Project. There so many youths who have excellent business plans but you go and give Money to Sarafina, and you call that youth empowerment. You will see what will happen when PF is booted out of power in August 2021.

  7. I have noted with disgust that Mr. Kaiser Zulu can post any kind of crude tone, his article gets posted. And some of my articles are ‘frozen’ for sore called moderation or lame excuse of ‘ you have said that before”

  8. I have noted with disgust that Mr. Kaiser Zulu can post any kind of crude tone, his article gets posted. And some of my articles are ‘frozen’ for sore called moderation or lame excuse of ‘ you have said that before” . Prove my point freeze this


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