PART III: Who’s Who in Zambian 2021 Presidential Elections


By Field Ruwe EdD


Nevers Mumba – Leader of the Movement for Multi-party Democracy

I have written about Nevers Mumba before, who by dint of strong personality stands out from the two gentlemen featured in the last segment—the dolt Chishimba Kambwili and the deceitful capitalist Fred Mmembe. Mumba has a fine physic—ample and erect, and possesses formidableness of a president. If you met him and Edgar Lungu on Cairo Road for the first time, you would think Lungu was his bodyguard. When he enters the room he instantly commands it even if he has gatecrashed. A lot of people feel comfortable around him because he has charm. He’s a good talker-cum-orator—a charismatic televangelist of fine rhetoric by Zambian standards. Had he stayed on course and followed the meandering path of his mentor evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, he would have raised a few from the dead and acquired the title of Prophet Nevers Mumba. By now he would be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Shepherd Bushiri, T.B. Joshua, Uebert Angel, and living in a pastor’s palace with a golden gate, a plane, Rolls Royce, and a Lamborghini.


But the glittering Mumba is not all that gold. His very charm shears his fortitude and takes away his ability to see his dream to fruition. His first dream was to become a soldier in the Zambian Army. He abandoned it and became a miner on the Copperbelt. In 1981, the 21-year-old Mumba was hired by Bonnke to work as an interpreter during his “Zambia Shall Be Saved” crusade. Mumba left the mines, and with an Associate Degree (Diploma) in Prosperity Theology in hand, he became a member of the World Faith movement and televangelism of the 1980s, charming Kenneth Kaunda, Frederick Chiluba and a good chunk of the citizenry. Out of the blues he became vice president of Zambia. Again his charm dragged him into the littleness of attempting to overshadow the man who appointed him. He was instantly fired for insubordination. Since then, his rise to the president of the MMD has been as rocky as the mountain he keeps trying to climb.


In truth, Mumba does not possess the elemental depth in its noblest intensity. Behind the charm is a Pied Piper who offers strong but delusive enticement and leads MMD enthusiastic followers to the fountain of futility. Indecisiveness is Mumba’s greatest enemy. What is absent in Nevers Mumba’s quest for greatness is the mental and imaginative focus to propel his dream. He lacks the acumen to marshal his charm and god-given talent into a mighty ball of success. Why? Mumba’s prosperity theology diploma has a lot to do with it.


Prosperity Theology stipulates that financial blessing and physical comfort are the will of God. By definition, Prosperity Theology places money before God. Black and White evangelicals around the world have made money the nucleus of their evangelism. They have concentrated on tithing—giving a percentage of one’s whole income, a minimum of 10% to the church, and they are not shy about it; they preach about it every Sunday and obstinately so. Riches beget avarice. Avarice is Mumba’s best friend. He has a propensity and preference for fine life. Typical of prosperity theologians, he would rather have a $225,000 Chateau Margaux for Holy Communion or for a lavish dinner; a fantasy that has led many evangelical pastors, including himself, to illegal conduct.


On September 11, 2018, Nevers Mumba’s world came crashing. ZNBC broke the news that the former vice president was guilty of two counts of abuse of authority of office. The two offences were committed when he served as Zambia’s High Commissioner to Canada. The news bulletin contained the most devastating sentence: “in this matter the ‘convict’ was charged with willful failure to comply with applicable procedure relating to management of public funds.” Here marked the end of Mumba’s chances of ever becoming president of Zambia.


I love the dedication and loyalty of most members of the MMD, some who are my relatives and friends. I respectfully say MMD will not win in August, perhaps never. Not under the stewardship of Nevers Mumba. Moving beyond August, a new Moses should be sought to turn his walking stick into a snake and lead the MMDlites across the River Jordan.




The next series are as revealing as they can get. I must alert all readers in advance that I don’t indulge in ad hominem attacks or stray into the private lives of my subjects. I do my homework bearing in mind all the people featured in my articles are public figures who chose to become politicians. All of them, including Alex Muliokela aspire to enter State House someday.


I do not belong to any political party. Politics is war without bloodshed and war is politics with bloodshed, said Mao Zedong. I am a professional. I fight my wars on the peripheral with only the pen as ammunition, often defending the ends of those Zambians who are unable or are afraid to speak up. When I see through the deception of a politician I raise alarm. If you think I am wrong, call me out like the rational person you are. Hit me with facts. Do not waste time going after my personal life under camouflage. Don’t be like young Peter Sinkamba and threaten me with your “dirty linen in public” baloney and drag my family and relatives into your folly. Your diaper could turn out more soiled than you think.

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  1. Field Ruwe writes that, “I must alert all readers in advance that I don’t indulge in ad hominem attacks or stray into the private lives of my subjects.” But is this not exactly what sly Ruwe is actually doing with the political party candidates he claims to analyse? He says “avarice is the best friend of Nevers Mumba”. How much does he know about the personal life of Nevers to characterise him as such? What about his reference to Chishimba Kambwili as “dolt” and Fred Membe as “deceitful”? Is the best not simply to lay out the character of the candidates and leave it to the readers to judge whether indeed they are what Ruwe says they are. Ruwe is busy smearing the candidates by using adjectives to characterise them, yet he does not want others to do the same to him. What kind of…

  2. What kind of hypocrisy is this coming from sly fox Field Ruwe? Isn’t calling Kambwili “dolt” not an ad hominem. Let us equally call Field Ruwe stupid by pretending to be more clever than his readers. Is Ruwe going to be okay with being called stupid?

  3. @Field Ruwe, did you watch the traditional drummers at Police Station in Livingston demanding release of Chief Mukuni’s release? Very exciting. Attracting so many tourists.

  4. @ Zambian Observer. Let me come to the rescue of Ruwe. First, Ruwe is not running for president, so don’t worry about him. The people he is writing bout are public figures, like he says, aspiring for the office of the president. Their personal life and character must be put under scrutiny up to its minutest. The behavior of Chishimba Kambwili cannot be described any better. Check the synoyms for “dolt” and they fit in his behavior. Fred Mmembe is indeed as decribed. His communist idea is a fallacy. Ruwe describes Nevers Mumba in the character of the leader of MMD. The words like “charm” relates to his ability to woe his followers. Surely you don’t think Kambwili has the temprement to rule Zambia. Come on let’s not give some of these fake politician credibility.

  5. This one needs to be retired. He has curved out a living from a once vibrant party and made it his own personal kantemba. He destroyed MMD the same way he destroyed his own party. He is nothing less than but a con man.

  6. This article reads like a biography. The flow was good until I found the author, Mr. Field Ruwe guilty of the very lack of “the elemental depth” which he accuses his subject of. This lack of elemental depth he accuses Dr. Mumba of is based on Ruwe’s own theological bias towards so called “prosperity preachers.” Make no mistake Field Ruwe, those are some of the smartest men on this planet. Just because you do not agree with someone theologically does not warrant you to insult and belittle them. Mumba graduated from Hillcrest, so because he chose not to pursue a PhD in some natural or social science, automatically he lacks elemental depth? Field further cements his bias by mentioning Mumba’s “prosperity theology diploma.” You started well Field, but now you are sounding petty. This…

  7. It will be interesting to see how sly old fox Ruwe will analyse the remaining candidates, especially the top two candidates. We are waiting to see how objective this person is and where he actually stands. Otherwise, you cannot call others names which you would not want others to use against you. Ruwe wants to influence public opinion but he should be fair-minded in the way he does it and not engage in name-calling like he is himself a politician. Let Ruwe take a critical look at the policies the candidates are putting forward and dwell more on these instead of engaging in character assassination. Readers deserve better than the drivel coming from Ruwe. Name calling does not help voters decide who to vote for. Voters want to decide on the basis of which candidate has better ideas than the…

  8. Kambwili is an *****. He is so naive that he does not know what to do in politics.
    Mumba is a materialist who only has a diploma in theology and will never be president.
    Mmembe is a pretender who hides his face with a veneer of socialism when he is a full fledged capitalist.
    Sinkamba is a little boy who has a soiled than wet diaper.
    Ruwe has continued to attack individuals and claims to speak for the voiceless when he just disses

  9. Kambwili is an id.i.ot. He is so naive that he does not know what to do in politics.
    Mumba is a materialist who only has a diploma in theology and will never be president.
    Mmembe is a pretender who hides his face with a veneer of socialism when he is a full fledged capitalist.
    Sinkamba is a little boy who has a soiled than wet diaper.
    Ruwe has continued to attack individuals and claims to speak for the voiceless when he just disses

  10. What do the Zambian people want? Politicians are fond of saying what Zambians want but have never listened. The parties must sponsor surveys and polls to find out what really matters to the common voter in the street and not the armchair social media bloggers like me who is not voting. Go door to door and ask the people before you write a manifesto that turns out to look like a college thesis or proposal for grants.

  11. Some of our scribes are an embarrassment we thought when people grow old they master their art but in Zambia they align to politics and spread untruths. Journalists should stick to ethics. Ruwe is fallen hero after reading this misleading with no shread of truth. RIP Ruwe.

  12. Most Zambian voters have a low political IQ, the issue of policy and other terms used in governance are noise to them . They don’t even know the effects of corruption , they see sly politicians who systematically impoverish them and loot the country and their saviours when they bribe them during an election. They are manipulated yet they can’t know it,they see public institutions as Boma property and do not know the importance of separation of power. They don’t understand simple economics, the education system is useless.
    Voters need some basic governance and economic education if our country is to meaningfully have a little test of development. Their has to be hygiene in politics and politicians should be made to have respect for citizens , currently the citizenship is looked at as a…

  13. IField Ruwe…name calling others is not for intellectuals. Suppose one calls you a pervert for your repulsive procuring of mistresses at Rute Travel and Tours? Good for you?

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