Police arrest public officer after he reported the theft of bicycles he stole


A 56 year old a Civil Servant is in Police custody for the theft of 19 Buffalo Bicycles at Mpika Urban Clinic in Mpika District of Muchinga Province.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner, Lizzie Machina confirmed this incident.

According to the Police Commissioner, the theft took place between 3rd February and 8th April 2021 and was reported to the police on 8th April 2021.

Ms Machina said that the 19 bicycles are valued at not less than K50 000.

The Police Commissioner disclosed that the matter was reported to the police by Amos Zulu, 56, a Stores Officer at Ministry of Health.

She further said that after investigations, it was discovered that Amos Zulu, who happened to be the one reporting the matter was actually behind the theft of the bicycles.

Ms Machina added that he was later detained and is in Police custody for the offence of Theft by Public Servant.

The Police Commissioner said that on Sunday 18 April, Francis Mulenga aged 34 of Chibansa area in Chief Chikwanda’s Chiefdom also reported a different case of theft.

Ms Machina added that when Francis Mulenga went to report to the Police he was riding a bicycle which was of the same make as the stolen ones.

She further said that after interviewing him, it was discovered that Mr Mulenga bought the alleged bicycle at K1800 from Amos Zulu who as mentioned earlier is the Stores Officer.

The suspect has since been detained in Police custody after interrogation,” said Ms Machina.


  1. It looks like PF is corrupting everybody including civil servants with these “empowerment bicycles” aka voter bribes.

  2. At 56yrs? He’s supposed to be an elder in church. Is this what they want to continue doing until they’re 65yrs? Shame

  3. #FreeAmosZulu He didnt steal the said bicycles, he is the store manager. “The one who works in the field, eats from the field” ECL.

  4. Shows just how much confidence people have in the police these days that someone would report their own crime with the expectation that ZP won’t follow-up. Imagine where Zulu got that idea… himself working as a “public officer”.

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