Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Traditional leaders urged to promote peace


National Guidance and Religious Affairs Permanent Secretary (PS), Howard Sikwela, has called on traditional leaders in the country to preach peace before, during and after this year’s general elections.

Rev. Sikwela said the forthcoming elections should not divide the people in the country.

He noted that people should continue to co-exist even after the elections under the One Zambia One Nation Motto.

ZANIS reports that Rev Sikwela said this when he paid a courtesy call on Senior Chief Shakumbila of the Sala people in Mumbwa District.

And Senior Chief Shakumbila of the Sala people said he will continue working with government of the day.

The traditional leader said he does not see anything to warrant a change of government with the various on-going developments in his chiefdom.

Rev. Sikwela was in Mumbwa District to sensitize the traditional leaders on national values and principles.


  1. That is what we need in our mother Zambia country, not ifya kulanda ukulwa.
    Ministry of Religious should be instrumental in promoting peace in the country.
    Only PF has in there manifesto about this ministry.

  2. Should address that chief who said that he will soon beat the war drums. We do not need war in this country. Where are we going to run to ? Some of us have not known any other country but Zambia. Twakulila muno mwine mu Luanshya,,, where are we going to run to if war breaks. All we need is peace. Please continue with the message of peace!!!

  3. Religious PS should warn the government she serves that they should stop shooting and killing innocent citizens, I didn’t hear her two months ago when two people got shot by the police!

  4. Matufi fye yeka yeka, how can traditional leaders maintain peace when they are incited through your bribery and tribalism to insult those who are under normal circumstances are supposed to be their subjects? A chief in Southern province is my Chief as well in Northern province but the matuvi we have seen under the current so called leadership yena mafi fye no kununka yalenunka, yalefwaikwa ukuyapipa…

  5. Its not surprising that traditional rulers are being urged by govt officials to promote peace during campaigns, election day and after and support govt of the day. That is very fine but to those who are in the opposition will always perceive traditional leaders to supporting the govt of the day.
    The Chief can’t be neutral as the govt expect them from them as they are partners in development and on the other hand the opposition will look at Chiefs as ones standing in their way to grab power from the govt of the day. Because of benefits which accrue in supporting the govt of the day of the some of our traditional leaders have gone blast out displaying their support no matter what while other have done the opposite. Its difficult to isolate chiefs from participating in the politics of the…

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