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Kaoma receives SCT funds

General News Kaoma receives SCT funds

Government has released K1.8m to Kaoma District in Western Province for the vulnerable under the Social Cash Transfer (SCT).

District Commissioner, Vincent Mutti said the funds will be disbursed to the beneficiaries before the end of this week.

Ms Mutti stated that the release of the funds to the vulnerable in Kaoma, is a clear indication of President Edgar Lungu’s commitment in improving the welfare of people countrywide despite their political affiliations.

And Kaoma District Social Welfare Officer, Brian Kashimoto said the funds will benefit 5,781 beneficiaries on SCT and that payments would be done bi-monthly with effect from January 2021.

“The government has revised bi-monthly transfer amounts with effect from January 2021 as follows; households with disabled will now be getting K600 from K360 and other households like the chronically ill, the female headed, the aged, and child headed households will be receiving K300 from K180 every month,” Mr Kashimoto explained.

Mr Kashimoto thanked government for releasing the funds and pledged to ensure that it is given to the intended beneficiaries.

Currently the number of SCT beneficiaries in Western Province stands at 79, 464 and the number will soon increase to 101,000.


  1. That’s my Government at work. Let them talk and you keep working. All those who think otherwise keep on watching whilst we are working.
    We are doing well in helping the vulnerable people.

  2. Good development.

    I have just received intelligence that hh has made some improvement but that he is still unresponsive and that there maybe permanent damage to his brain

  3. KZ’s intelligence….. HAHAHAAAA. Share that WhatsApp photo that allegedly you say you received. Not forthcoming huh?! So that was yet another corrupt PF invention and lie. Talking about permanent damage to somebody’s brain: just maybe this is more about your corrupt boss than anybody else…..

  4. Let’s also teach these communities to also work hard ..subjecting them to free things is one reasons why poverty keeps skyrocketing becsuse some Z ambians especially youths only want free things or do simple activities yet demanding more money. When you subject someone with a poverty or lacking mindset to free things, they will not see value in it infact yoi make them more poorer. What we need is start subjecting people from young people on savings, financial knowledge, networking, businesses etc

  5. PF stop wasting resources, you can’t win in Kaoma. Maybe in Mwandi constituency with Iris.
    I want Iris to win, she may change ugly picture of PF.

  6. We must have elections every two years. It seems elections unlock money for development…now there is money for every problem..bwafya…

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