Mkushi to record bumper harvest

File Picture:Mkushi's DACO(r) at Conservation Farming Field day in Nkumbi

Luano District Agriculture Coordinating Officer (DACO), Roy Kalipenta has projected a bumper harvest for the 2020/2021 farming season.

Mr. Kalipenta said the district is expecting at least 48,000 tonnes of maize to be produced from about 14,679 hectares cultivated.

He stated that the output represents a significant increase from the previous season, as the district had experienced attacks on maize fields by Fall Army Worms late last year.

Mr. Kalipeta further said the soy beans production is expected to be at least 20,045 tonnes from the 8,083 hectares area of cultivation.

He added that groundnut production is expected to be at least 1,765 tonenes, with sweet potato production being pegged at 7,050 tonnes.

Mr Kalipeta said sorghum is expected to be 216 tonnes, mixed beans at 275 tonnes, whilst sunflower would be at least 605 tonnes.

The statistics are based on the 8,874 small scale farmers who are beneficiaries of the government subsidized Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).


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  3. That works out to 3 tons per hectare. Which is very much under average, even my amateurish little 4 hectare farm produced 80 tons, that’s 20 tons per hectare. And Mkushi had good rains this year, so what were they doing?

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